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Baptists On Mission
Baptists On Mission
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Baptists On Mission
 July 31, 2012
Baptists On Mission
Baptists On Mission
Baptists On Mission
Baptists On Mission
Baptists On Mission
BOM Haiti
Medical teams will be needed in 2013.  Each team will need at least 1 medical professional that can diagnose.  Nurses, Paramedics, and Medical Specialties are also  needed.  We will have limited space for “non-medical” volunteers.  The work will include a fixed clinic and mobile clinics.  Cost: price of airfare plus logistics (room, board, in-country transportation) to be determined.  Dates are forthcoming.  If interested contact Fatima Roma – 800.395.4102x5598. froma@ncbaptist.org.
BOM NCBM Medical Reserve Corps
Medical professionals are invited to join our MRC in order to prepare for disaster response. The team provides medical support to disaster volunteers and survivors as needed. Must hold a current medical credential.  For more information contact Gaylon Moss, gmoss@ncbaptist.org, 919.459.5605. 
Health MEDADVANCE 2012, October 11-13, 2012, International Learning Center, Rockville, VA.
This conference is open to health care professionals, missions ministers, anyone interested in healthcare missions. For more information contact Joanne Honeycutt at jhoneycutt@ncbaptist.org
Health Baptist Global Response is seeking Primary Health Care Personnel for  mid/late September, 2012. 
“I wanted to make you aware of an immediate need we have for primary care providers in Egypt.  We have a scheduled project for mid to late September for 10 days with two RNs and a pharmacist. We are in need of at least one (though, two or more would be prefered) primary care provider for this team. We have been running a very good project in Egypt that is based on helping the 17 Egyptian Baptist Churches. We helped train them in our overall church planting strategy of Community Transformation. It utilizes a principal called the ABC's of mission strategy as outlined by Dr. Charles Fielding in his book Preach and Heal (he is an IMB doctor and co-founder of Medical Missions Response).  

You would be participating in mobile clinics. The basic strategy idea is that the church members utilize volunteer clinics to reach people in the community. Then they follow up with the contacts made in the clinic. Using this strategy, they've been able to plant at least 7 churches that we know of, and our last volunteer team that went a few weeks ago is already having results come out of their work. Our difficulty is that we have 17 churches that all want medical clinic teams. We need you to help make this team possible. I can honestly say, it is one of the most strategic volunteer opportunities that is available. For your time and expense, I know that the nationals will do the work based off of what you give.  

Of course, there are more details as to the particulars, but this is the general information. The project cost is $1600 plus airfare. If you are interested, please let me know. I would be happy to share more with you. We could certainly use you. The good news is that we only need to get you an airplane ticket to Egypt. Visas are handled at the airport, and the team on the field is very good at taking care of volunteers.”

Contact : Dan Bivens, BGR Health Care Connectionsdbivins@gobgr.org

Baptists On Mission
The purpose of NCBM is to "help churches involve their members in missions"

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