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Q:  When will registration be open?
A: Registration is currently open on a first come first serve basis until three weeks before camp date starts.  After that time call for space availability before registering or changing your group numbers.  Church group leaders will register their group.  When the week is full, we will indicate that on the Registration page and in the online registration.  

Q:  Do campers need to be Baptist to attend?  
A:  No 

Q: Can we register if we are not apart of a church group?
A: No, this program is for church groups.  Visit our Camp Caraway for Boys page for a boy to attend as an individual or consider Camp Mundo Vista for girls to attend as an individual.

Q:  How will cabin assignments be made?
A:  Church leaders will decide and return cabin assignment forms prior to arriving at camp.  If a group is too big or too small for a cabin we will work with the church leader to make those decisions during check in.  Part of your group may share a cabin with part of another church group.  

Q:  How do you serve campers with food allergies or medical related food needs?
A:  Please contact our director prior to camp with any special instructions for food allergies.  We will gladly work with you and your group to accomidate your needs.

Q:   How do you deal with sensitive issues such as homesickness, bed wetting, etc.?
A:   Chaperones that come with the children will take the lead in dealing with these needs.  Our staff are trained to be very sensitive and encouraging when helping campers who have sensitive issues and are available to assist chaperons if requested.  

Q:  Are medical physicals required?
A:  No, they are recommended if your child hasn't had one within 24 months, but are not required to attend.

Q:  What if we don't have the camper's shot record? 
A:   Document what shots you know your child has had on the medical form.  At a minimum we suggest that campers have a tetanus booster within the last 5 years.

Q:  How is medication administered? 
A:  We follow the American Camp Association's standards for medication administration.  Our trained staff will administer the medication as directed on the original packaging or prescription.  We have nurses available by phone when needed for questions.  Medical and medication forms will be included in the information e-mail we will send to the church leader.  We have routine over the counter medications availble for most common medical needs and are administered per our medical protocol.

Q:  What if a child cannot swim?
A: Our staff will encourage them and assist them. There is a shallow section in the pool and there is a basket ball goal next to the pool for those that do not wish to swim. We often play games in the shallow end.  We require campers to pass a swim test before they can jump into the deep end.  Personal flotation devices are required at all times in the lake and are checked by our trained staff.

Q:  Can campers leave camp early? 
A:  Yes, however, we recommend that campers stay for the entire week to not enterupt their experience.  Early pickups must be documented on the waiver form and the church leader must confirm these details with our staff at check in.

Q:  How do we contact our camper while camp is in session?
A:  Click here for a list of ways to contact your camper.

Q:  When does camp begin and end?
A:  Arrival is Monday between 10-11a.m. and departure will be after lunch on Friday (around 1:15 p.m.) 

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