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Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew struck the eastern half of NC with a tremendous amount of damage on October 8, 2016 mostly related to record flooding.  Several rivers crested higher than previous major flood events like Hurricanes Fran and Floyd.  In all, 28 people lost their lives due to this storm.  Officials estimate over $1.5 billion in damage occured in NC alone.

NCBM Disaster Relief teams responded to the needs with 6 mobile kitchens: 3 from NC, 1 from Missouri, 1 from Virginia, and 1 from Arkansas.  In addition, we had 13 recovery sites setup at the height of cleanup efforts. 

Volunteers will be needed for many months to come and up to 2 years to help with rebuild.  To read the latest update, click on "Get Update" in the sidebar. To participate in rebuild efforts, click on "Volunteer Now".

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NC Disaster Relief is funded primarily by donations. A 100% of your designated gift will be used in disaster relief efforts.

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-There is an urgent need for volunteers to help with Hurricane Matthew relief efforts! Teams are needed to help individuals and families remove the wet furniture, floors, walls, and other items as needed.  In addition we are repairing homes that were affected.   We will need many recovery volunteers for many months to come.

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