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2011 Thank You


Thank you for praying, giving and going! I especially want to thank you for your sacrificial giving in 2011 to make the ministries and projects of NC Baptist Men (Baptists On Mission) possible.

2011 was a very busy year for disaster relief efforts. As NC Baptists, by God’s grace, we were able to respond to 19 different disasters this past year. The two biggest disasters that we responded to in 2011 were the April 16 Tornadoes and Hurricane Irene. Over 294,000 meals were provided in 2011. Over 31,000 disaster relief volunteer days were provided. These volunteers completed over 3,400 disaster recovery jobs (this represents 6-8 million dollars of services given freely in Jesus’ name!). There were also thousands of showers, laundry loads, chaplain contacts and over 1,100 professions of faith. To God be the Glory!

2011 was also a busy year for our state, national and international partnerships. Thousands of volunteers were involved in ministry through our Mission Camps (in Red Springs and Shelby). Thousands of volunteers went to serve in the Appalachian Coalfields, Pennsylvania, Vermont, the Rocky Mountain Region and Hawaii. Hundreds of other volunteers served in Haiti, Honduras, Cuba, Guatemala, Kenya, India, Armenia, Ukraine and other places. Over 79,000 patients were seen by our medical teams in Haiti and over 300 clean water wells were provided in Bihar, India. Lives are being changed. To God be the Glory!

2011 was also a busy year for the different ministries of NCBM. God’s love was shared in word and deed with many people. God used the medical/dental buses in a great way and many (over 3,500) people in our own state were treated on the mobile medical/dental units. Those people could not afford to see a dentist, but God provided a way to get relief from their suffering and many people heard about God’s love for them. God also provided us with a new dental unit in 2011! Other ministries that are making a difference include Prayer, Agriculture, Sports, Student Ministry, Aviation, Baptist educators, Church Renewal and others. People are seeing and hearing about God’s love for them and lives are being changed. To God be the Glory!

Thank you especially for praying, giving and going! Lives are being changed! To God be the Glory!

In Christ,

Richard Brunson
Director, NC Baptist Men (Baptists On Mission)