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Nepal Earthquake Relief


I Am Blessed


by Richard Brunson

I had a phone call yesterday from a lady who wants to provide a well for needy people somewhere in the world. I told her about a pastor in India whose work we are supporting. He is working in a region of India that is home to more than 85 million people and less than ½ of 1 percent of them know Christ. This state in India has more than 45,000 villages that do not have any kind of Christian Church in them. This Indian pastor has started a church planting movement and has trained a number of national pastors who are working to share Christ in these unreached villages. We are supporting this work by helping to sponsor an "Adopt-a-village" program that supports church planters, provides wells, Bibles, medical clinics and eventually will start churches in these villages. As I spoke with this lady I told her that for $800 she could provide a well in a very needy village in India. I also told her about the "Adopt-a-village" project and she said, "I want to provide a well and when you get back from India, I want you to tell more about the project and I may adopt-a-village myself." She went on say, "I just celebrated by 98th birthday and I have been so blessed by God all of my life that I want to help others."

I thought to myself, "Wow, what a lady! Lord you have blessed me in so many ways- forgive me for forgetting to thank you so much of the time- make me more like this lady."