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Baptists On Mission  

Central Baptist Church, Lewistown, Montana

North Carolina Baptist Men are recruiting 15-20 construction teams to aid in the construction of a new educational facility for Central Baptist , Utah during the summer of 2014. 

What? Construction of Multi-Purpose and Educational Building. This will be a new education and multi-purpose facility for the growing congregation at Central Baptist in Lewistown, MT. The church is a member of the Montana Baptist Convention. This will be a one-story conventional frame structure to include a fellowship hall, classrooms, and bathrooms – approximately 6800 square feet. The goal for 2014 is to complete the building. Construction is scheduled to begin with foundation in early June. Teams will be needed throughout the summer.

Where? Lewistown, Montana. Lewistown is the county seat of Fergus County and has around 5000 residents. Central Baptist Church was planted in 1963. They expanded to a new location and building in 2007 with the help of NC Baptist Volunteers. The congregation has continued to grow spiritually and numerically. Since 2007, the pastor has led their congregation to be on mission, bringing teams to assist with our Rocky Mountain Work & Witness projects throughout the West each year. They are now in need of a multi-purpose area and more educational space. The church is already well on their way to raising the required material funds for this new project. Its success is dependent on volunteer teams.

Who? Teams of 8-30 adults are needed to complete several phases of the building project. Each team should have a “core” of volunteers who have solid construction experience and know-how. Each team needs to bring two people to assist in meal preparation. We will try to schedule up to 30 volunteers per week, so we could have more than one team on site per week, depending on team size. 
How? Teams will sign up for a date through the North Carolina Baptist Men’s Office. As time grows closer the team leader will be put in contact with the project coordinator, who will be able to let teams know what to expect work-wise about a week or two out. Each team member will register online with NC Baptist Men, and be signed up for the volunteer insurance ($6 per person). Team leader will be sent this information via e-mail.
Field Costs: Teams will arrange their own travel. Driving is an option. Raleigh, NC to Lewistown is 2085 miles. Billings, Montana at 126 miles would be the closest major airport. Most groups will want to rent transportation for the week. Van rental runs between $500-700 per week for a mini-van. Teams will be housed in a nearby church. Host church has kitchen facilities for team use. The team will be responsible for most of its own meals, including purchase of food, cooking, and cleanup. State Disaster Relief Shower Trailer has been reserved for the project.
Other Costs: Teams are encouraged to contribute $2000 toward the purchase of building materials if possible. (Not required - but greatly appreciated!)

Date Team # Team / Team Leader
June 14-21 RM14-031 FBC Athens, AL (Bobby Austin) / Northstar BC, ID (Brad Ehrlich)
June 21-28 RM14-032 Haymore Mem BC (Tim Norman)                       week is FULL
Jun 28 - July 5 RM14-033 Carpenter's Hands (Mike Nelson)                      week is FULL
July 5-12 RM14-034 Carpenter's Hands (Mike Nelson)                      week is FULL
July 12-19 RM14-035 Carpenter's Hands (Mike Nelson)                      week is FULL
July 19-26 RM14-036 Abbotts Creek BC (Hugh Motsinger)        available for team of 10-12
July 26 - Aug 2 RM14-037 Florence BC (Kelly Mitchem) /  West Burnsville BC (Charles Greer)
August 2-9 RM14-038 Turner Memorial BC (Jerry Lovin) /    West Memorial (Alan Beane)
August 9-16 RM14-039 Grace BC (Dean Jenkins) /                        Hopewell (Haven Ensley)
August 16-23 RM14-040 Cottage Hill BC, AL (Bill Glisson) /          Liberty BC (Patsy Lail)
August 23-30 RM14-041 Mount Vernon BC (Ivan Crissman) /      Rich Fork BC (Lee Hedrick)
Aug 30 - Sept 6 RM14-042 Eastern Baptist Association (Paul Langston)     week is FULL
September 6-13 RM14-043  

Key:  Project has been Reserved
 Project NameProject TypeStartEndLocation
RM14-008 Cook/Kitchen (Spanish Family Camp) Camps / Retreats 6/1/20146/30/2014 Torreon , NM
United States
RM14-009 Cook/Kitchen (Young Lives Ablaze Kids Camp) Camps / Retreats 6/1/20146/30/2014 Torreon , NM
United States
RM14-010 Cook/Kitchen (Indian Family Camp) Camps / Retreats 6/1/20146/30/2014 Torreon , NM
United States
RM14-011 Cook/Kitchen (Lives Ablaze Student Camp) Camps / Retreats 6/1/20147/5/2014 Torreon , NM
United States
RM14-012 Cook/Kitchen (Music/Leader Camp) Camps / Retreats 7/1/20147/31/2014 Torreon , NM
United States
RM14-013 Cook/Kitchen (Mission Camp) Camps / Retreats 7/1/20147/31/2014 Torreon , NM
United States
RM14-014 Cook/Kitchen (SportZone Camp) Camps / Retreats 7/1/20147/31/2014 Torreon , NM
United States
RM14-044 Church Construction Coordinators Construction 5/1/20149/30/2014 Casper, WY
United States