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What can my church do for those who may be isolated because they are at high risk for contracting the virus?

**Please perform all activities utilizing social distancing, cough and sneeze precautions, and good hand washing. Everyone is encouraged to engage in a culture of prevention, in an effort to stop the spread of the virus**  

  • Pray with and for one another.
  • Care Packages- drop off on the porch if individuals are concerned about personal contact (focus on shut-ins, elderly, neighbors that may not be in church or know Christ).  Care Packages Could Contain:  Tissues, soap, lotion, devotional material/tract, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, laundry detergent, individually wrapped snacks.

  • Deliver meals/casseroles. If they are worried about physical contact, you can leave them on the porch.

  • Consider buying groceries for those who may not have money or the ability to shop outside the home:

Try to make contact via phone, text, or email with the person in need, and ask what they may need specifically (ex. make sure if you buy them milk, they will be home to receive it) 
If you are unable to make contact and want to buy groceries for drop off, purchase non-perishable items such as canned soup, canned vegetables, bottled water, individually wrapped snacks (Get pop-tops on canned goods if possible)
Ask if they have prescriptions they need refilled that you may be able to pick up for them

Do they have pets that have needs you can help with? Ex. Do they need pet food?   (Sometimes people care for their animals before they care for themselves)

  • Do they need help getting their trash can emptied? (Is there a weekly trash pick-up in the neighborhood, do they usually take their trash to a dump?)

  • Can you drop off a copy of a weekly church sermon?

  • Can you help connect them to daily devotional material via the internet so they have something to uplift them each day

  • Food Banks/Pantries will likely take a hit during this time. Can you help there or donate to them?

  • Utilize Compassion Ministries (money for laundromat)

  • Are there neighborhoods where you can deliver generic food boxes to each home?

  • Can you help with yard work for the elderly, or for those who may be quarantined?

  • Share cards, phone calls, notes, and text messages regularly

  • Offer FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc. tutorials for those who want to communicate this way

  • Develop a “Buddy Program” within your church. Match younger people with older people within the church. Encourage “buddies” to check in on each other during the week.

Is Your Church Willing to Help In Your Community? We need churches who are willing to provide food boxes to people in their community. We need churches who are willing to call isolated people and check on them/pray for them. We may need churches with a kitchen to cook for people in their community. If your church is willing to help please complete this form.

Hospitals are in dire need of blood donations right now, and you could save a life by giving.
If you are not in a high risk group, and are currently healthy, please consider making an appointment to give:  Red Cross
or  The Blood Connection