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Live Streaming for Churches

With today’s situation, most “broadcasts” I saw on Sunday were from someone sitting either in their office or a living room setting. They’re not concerned about live streaming an entire worship service which actually makes things easier.

If you’re going with the simplest presentation using a phone and FaceBook Live, here’s a few things to remember. The mic will only pick up good audio within 5 or 6 feet. Don’t sit in front of a window so you’re a silhouette, make sure there’s either good window light or some type of light illuminating the subject. Keep the background simple so it doesn’t draw attention away from the speaker. Whatever you do, don’t let a toddler crash the party unless you want to go viral.

Free or low cost and relatively easy

Option 1
The easiest thing to do is FaceBook Live. It can be done with a phone, tablet or laptop. If the live stream is from a public page and open to everyone, people can watch it without a Facebook profile (or without logging in) If the privacy is set to “friends only,” they need to log into Facebook to watch the live video.

Setting up FaceBook Live:

It’s helpful to have a device to hold the phone and there are lots of options. Some stand on a desk, others work with a tripod:


Option 2
Zoom can be used as a free app or a monthly subscription if you want more options.

Setting up Zoom:

Requires hardware and software in a computer

If you want a more polished presentation you’ll need a camera, microphone, audio cables, computer with a sound card and software. Seems daunting but many churches already have some or most of these things.

Blog post from Kenny Lamm with lots of options and information for using a set up like this: