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10-25-17 - The cleanup work will be wrapping up this week with over 180 jobs completed and 335,000 meals prepared.  But the work is not over.  We encourage you to continue assisting by participating in the rebuild effort with Texas Baptist Men by clicking on the "Get Involved" link in the sidebar. 

9-28-17 - It's been over a month since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and devastated the land and people. There is still plenty of need especially in the Nederland/Port Arthur area.  Feeding and cleanup teams still needed.

9-22-17 - Surprisingly the meal count is expected to make a jump from an average of 10,000 meals per day to 25,000 meals per day this weekend.  Feeding teams, recovery teams, admin, mrc, and all of the support teams are still needed.  The flooding in Texas was of epic proportions with thousands of homes affected.  If you'd like to help, sign up by clicking on the "Volunteer Now" link in the sidebar.

9-13-17 - Right now we have over 130 homes to tearout and there are many more. If you'd like to be a part of helping, sign up at 'Volunteer Now' in the sidebar.

9-12-17 - The work continues in Nederland, TX helping the folks around the area including Port Arthur cleanup from Hurricane Harvey.  Volunteers are needed. Sign up using the Volunteer Now link in the sidebar.

9-8-17 - Almost 50,000 meals have been prepared for the people of east Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey.  559 volunteer days have been served to help in various ways including washing clothes and tearing out flooded homes.  You can help too by clicking in on the Volunteer Now link in the sidebar.

9-4-17 - Thank you for praying for and supporting the NCBM Disaster Relief effort for Hurricane Harvey Response.  Following is an updated report on the weekend’s activities:
-Sanford, NC tornado on Friday night -  24 worked today in Sanford on Sanford Tornado Response.  We are using Cool Spring Baptist Church as the coordination center.  If you'd like to help with cleanup, contact Scott Daughtry for details - 919.631.4786
-Hurricane Harvey – Manna 1, a tanker, shower unit, feeding team, food and 3 recovery teams are on the ground in Nederland, TX. Approximately 125 volunteers are serving from our location. 

The first meal of 2,000 was prepared tonight and served in 3 fixed feeding locations.
Thanks again for your prayers and support.  Additional info and updates at

9-2-17 - Mandatory evacuations hampered our initial response but the forward team arrived today while the equipment will arrive on Sunday.  First meal is Monday supper.  A team of 60+ will be at work this week in the Nederland area.

8-31-17 - NCBM Disaster Relief is going to assist in Nederland, TX (near Beaumont).  This region of TX has suffered quite a bit of flooding from Hurricane Harvey and they need our help.  The initial feeding plan calls for @ 40,000 meals a day for the Beaumont/Nederland area.  We will prepare up to 30,000 of those meals while a kitchen from another state will provide the rest. 
We are sending a Type 1 team which includes cleanup/recovery, shower unit, laundry unit, generator, Medical Reserve Corps team, Chaplaincy, assessment and a host of support teams/equipment to meet the needs. This team will get us setup and create a place for additional volunteers to participate over the weeks to come. 
The Site Coordinator departed today while the rest of the teams and equipment will depart Friday and the following days.

8-30-17 - All of our disaster relief units and volunteers are on alert and we are waiting to be assigned. Once the water comes down, we think that we will be assigned pretty quickly. We are sending a search and rescue team to Texas/Louisiana today. There is information on how to pray, give and go on our website (you can sign up here). We will be using trained and untrained volunteers. Use the "Volunteer Now" link in the sidebar.
We are collecting some non-perishable items (hygiene kits, first aid kits, diapers/formula) and you can see that information by clicking on "In Kind" donations in the sidebar.  We are not accepting water, bleach or clothing.
We believe that we will be sending volunteers to Texas for many weeks and months to come. Thank you for praying, giving and going. Thank you also for your support of the NC Missions Offering.

8-29-17 - High water is preventing large scale response to Texas.  We are standing by ready to assist.

8-26-17 - Pray for survivors, government officials, and the many that are planning to help.  Readiness of teams and equipment discussed today at length.

8-25-17 - Additional teams have been alerted to the threat of Hurricane Harvey.

8-24-17 - Alert has been sent to key unit caretakers and leaders as we monitor Hurricane Harvey's track across the Gulf of Mexico.

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