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Mecklenburg and Catawba Clean-Up

Flood survivors in Mecklenburg and Catawba counties desperately and immediately need your help. Recent heavy rain has resulted in numerous damaged houses in both counties. Baptists on Mission has established Disaster Relief Operation Centers (DROC) in Charlotte and Conover reaching out to the communities. Volunteer assessors at both sites have interviewed and prayed with dozens of homeowners who need assistance. The needs are great, but the laborers are few.

Mark Hinson, incident commander at the Charlotte DROC, said, “It’s hard to watch homeowners waiting on our help after we sign them up, and then we have very few workers. We have been sending out messages and phone calls trying to get teams here.

“We currently have 23 open jobs and many of those are complete tear-outs,” he added.

Chatty Dodd, incident commander at the Conover DROC, echoed those thoughts. “We are in need of mud-out/tear-out volunteers and at least one chainsaw crew. We too are sending messages and making phone calls for help. Our prayer is that volunteers will step forward to help in the name of Jesus, he said.

Mecklenburg County DROC

The Mecklenburg County DROC is at Calvary Baptist Church, 10301 Harwood Lane, Charlotte. Call 704-840-0513 to volunteer.

Catawba County DROC

The Catawba County DROC is at Oxford Baptist Church, 5965 Springs Rd., Conover. Call 828-514-4070 to volunteer.

For More Information

Contact Jimmy Lawrence, state disaster recovery coordinator, at 336-613-6711 or email