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Health Screening Ministry

The Health Screening Ministry is the newest addition to the NCBM’s Mobile Fleet.  NC Baptist On Mission offer the use of the Health Screening Ministry to Baptist churches, other Christian denominations, and service organizations within North Carolina who wish to reach out to people in need. Patients targeted through this ministry include people without insurance, the financially challenged, Hispanic and other ethnic groups, migrant workers, fair workers, the homeless, the elderly, and more.

Churches who wish to sponsor a free health screening clinic will need to:
  1. Enlist volunteer staff (Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, EMTs, MDs, dieticians, interpreters, counselors, and general helpers) to work the clinic. Please call Crystal Horton (1-800-395-5102 ext.5610) to reserve a date for your health screening clinic.
  2. Remit a $200.00 deposit to NCBM to confirm your date. This fee will be applied toward the total cost of the clinic. (Charges for using the health screening clinic include: $7.00 per patient to help offset the cost of materials used; $0.65/mile roundtrip cost for the bus from Cary to the clinic site; reimbursement for the driver and host’s overnight accommodations and meals (if necessary), use of the on board generator (if necessary)).
  3. Identify the target patient group and notify them of the upcoming health screening clinic.
  4. Make arrangements for the clinic site: parking for bus, electricity, etc.
  5. Consider an evangelical witness, food or snacks, hygiene kits, etc.

The Health Screening Ministry will offer vitals assessment and BMI calculation. It will also provide screening for diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, and heart disease.

Baptists on Mission/NCBM Statement of Faith

Diabetes Screening

Hemoglobin A1C testing is available for diabetes screening. A1C testing provides information about a person’s average blood glucose levels over the past 3 months. This is the primary test used for diabetes management and research. The Health Screening Ministry utilizes an Afinion AS100 for performing A1C testing.

Finger stick glucose testing is also available for patients who don’t qualify for A1C testing.

Cholesterol Screening

Total cholesterol and HDL are evaluated utilizing the Cholestech LDX. This test requires a finger stick blood sample.

Depression and Heart Disease Screening

A health screening questionnaire is given to each patient. Assessments can be made regarding depression and the potential for heart disease based on the questionnaire responses.

Many people are unable to afford health insurance and do not have a primary care provider. This results in serious conditions not being identified or treated. The Health Screening Ministry seeks to offer not only a physical solution to this issue, but also a spiritual one as well. Please join us in our efforts to bring both physical and spiritual healing to the people of North Carolina as we share the love of the great physician.

Ministry Goals

  • To meet the physical needs of people who are served on the bus.
  • To share Christ’s love (in word and deed) with every person served on the bus


The Health Screening bus ministry is funded by donations from individuals and groups who see this ministry as a meaningful way to reach people for Christ. Contributions for this ministry may be sent to:

NCBM, PO Box 1107, Cary NC 27512

For Further Information
[P] 800-395-5102 ext. 5610



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