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Affirm Public Servants

We rely on law enforcement officers, fire fighters, delivery personnel and garbage collectors everyday to make our lives easier, but their services often go unnoticed. In fact, the contributions public servants make in our lives are plenty: educate our children, fight fires, manage our public facilities, protect our environment, build our roads and bridges, etc. Take a moment to acknowledge, affirm, and appreciate the public servants who serve you. By delivering goodies and thank you notes to public employees, you can brighten up their day and share the love of Christ.


  • Determine which public sector you wish to focus on. You could go to the county office, fire station, police station, post office, etc. Contact the offices to set up a time to deliver your gifts.
  • Advertise the ministry in your church to recruit volunteers. Decide what kind of goodies you would like to prepare. You may want to bake homemade cookies or brownies and package them in individual bags.
  • Get baking supplies and start baking. Make several batches to make sure you have plenty to give away.  
  • Personalize the gift bags. Enlist the children and youth groups to write thank you notes or notes of encouragement to be attached with the bags.
  • If you have a large group, send volunteers in teams of three and four to deliver the gift bags.
  • As you deliver the bags, smile and thank the service personnel. Ask how you can pray for them.


  • This can be a joint project for families.
  • You can plan this project around Thanksgiving or the Public Service Recognition Week that is usually held in the first week of May.