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What Our Teams Do

Since 1998, our teams have touched the lives of thousands of Hondurans. Dozens of families have received a new home. The gospel has been presented in many ways. Hundreds have given their lives to Christ. From the start, our goal has been to strengthen the local Honduran congregations by partnering with them in our projects. Below are the three major ways our teams serve in Honduras:
Families like the one pictured above are selected by the local Honduran congregation to receive a new house. Most are living in houses made of tin, sticks, cardboard, or whatever other materials the family can collect. The team works side by side with church members, and often family members, to construct a sturdy, secure concrete block and tin roofed house. The congregation is then there to minister to the family. Many house construction teams also conduct Backyard Bible Clubs or Sports Camps with the many neighborhood children. Construction materials cost are $3000 per team. 
Evangelism teams do a combination of ministry, depending on the skills and talents of team members. A typical evangelism team may break into teams of three and go door to door, along with a translator, throughout the village in the morning. They share their testimony, the plan of salvation, and invite the family to the afternoon's activiities. In the afternoon, the team may conduct a Vacation Bible School, Backyard Bible Club, or Sports Clinic. Teams need to bring their own ministry materials, including Spanish tracts and any materials needed for VBS/BYBC/Sports Camps. Additional costs would include that for translators ($130 per translator). 
Medical and dental teams have the opportunity to make a real difference in the everyday lives of the Honduran people. Medical teams conduct general clinics. Dental teams primarily do extractions - although some have done more extensive work as well. Medical/dental clinics are set up in local churches or in community buildings. The local church assists in processing patients. Each patient is presented the plan of salvation by the local pastor, usually after receiving treatment. Teams collect and bring most medicines and equipment down with them. Additional costs include that for a Honduran doctor/dentist ($300) as well as for translators ($130 per translator).