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West Virginia Flash Flood

DUE TO HURRICANE MATTHEW RESPONSE, WE ARE NO LONGER SERVING IN WEST VIRGINIA DISASTER RESPONSE.  If you would like to help in NC disaster response, please click here.

West Virginia experienced a devastating flash flood in late June, 2016.  NCBM Disaster Relief was given Nicholas County to manage for WV Baptists.  Cleanup units, Manna 1 field kitchen, and several other units like shower, laundry, bunk, generator and others were mobilized to assist.
As of the end of August, 2016, 248 cleanup projects were completed and over 32,000 meals prepared using 3,377 volunteer days.  In addition, 656 loads of laundry were washed and 2,803 showers used with these units.  Chaplaincy volunteers made 1,677 contacts and distributed 72 Bibles.  The medical team saw 15 patients.  In all this we are thankful for the 25 that turned to Jesus during this time. 

Please continue to pray for the people affected and the rebuild teams that are providing assistance.

We are in a rebuild effort at this time for those affected by the recent flooding.  Volunteers are needed to help  rebuild their homes.

Type of Work:  mainly construction including but not limited to replacement of doors, windows, floors, walls, cabinetry, etc.

Tools: we prefer that you bring basic carpentry hand tools. We can provide some speciality items.  Consult with site coordinator before departure.

Work Schedule: arrive on Sunday afternoons or evenings, or anytime during the week; depart on Saturday afternoon. 

Meals: provided, Monday breakfast through Saturday lunch. 

Age information:  must have finished 6th grade and above.  YOUTH GROUPS must have a 2 skilled adults for every 5 youth.

Background checks:  If your group includes youth then every adult in the group must have a background check. We will provide additional information on this process in the introduction packet. Documentation of the background check is needed upon arrival at the site.

How to sign up:  If you are interested in helping please click here.

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NC Disaster Relief is funded primarily by donations. A 100% of your designated gift will be used in disaster relief efforts.

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We are responding to the needs caused by the Flash Flooding in West Virginia.

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