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NCBM Disaster Relief


Recently NCBM Disaster Relief have been given the opportunity to participate in a new and exciting ministry. 

The federal government built a mobile hospital to be used in the event of a major disaster.  The hospital consist of 16+ tractor trailers.  Once set up, it can perform most any operation/procedure except open heart surgery.  When the full hospital is setup it will cover over 3 football fields.  The hospital has been transferred from the federal government to NC Office of Emergency Medical Services and is currently located in a warehouse Flat Rock, NC (close to Hendersonville).

We have been asked to provide a logistical team of approximately 22 team members with various skills including but not limited to - forklift, electrical, plumbing, carpenter, general maintenance, general labor and some administrative.

NCBM is seeking volunteers to fill this logistical team.  The first training for this team will be March 7-11, 2011 in Flat Rock.  Then the unit will be deployed to Mississippi for  a major setup May 14-20.  Team members will need to commit to both dates in order to participate in this initial training and exercise.

If you would like to help with this new ministry and are available for the training and deployment, or if you have questions regarding this request, please respond to:

Steve E Reavis
NCBM Disaster Relief State Volunteer Coordinator
336-214-3241 (c)
336-449-4223 (h)