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NCMO 2016


Dear N.C. Baptist Churches,

We're so excited to see what God will do through your gifts to the North Carolina Missions Offering (NCMO). As you're well aware, the ministries of N.C. Baptist Men/Baptists on Mission, church planting, mission camps, associational projects and mobilization ministry projects are supported because of your contributions to NCMO. This year's offering goal is $2.1 million. Churches typically emphasize NCMO in September, but offerings may be received at any time throughout the year.
NCMO Resources
We want to make sure that you are provided all necessary materials for prayer, raising awareness and collecting the NCMO. If your church has given to NCMO in the past, you should have received promotional materials. If you did not receive materials and would like a coordinator’s packet, e-mail Lynn Tharrington at .  If you need additional downloadable or printed resources, please visit our NCMO website at  .
Please Test Your DVD
Also, we have received some feedback that this year's DVD may not work in certain DVD or Blue-ray players. Please be aware that all of our videos are available for download from our Vimeo site at . If you find that your DVD will not work, feel free to order a new one by clicking here. We will do our best to get it to you quickly. We're so thankful for your prayers and support of this year's NCMO.
You can download the individual NCMO videos from the Vimeo site at each of the following links.

 Richard Brunson
Executive Director
N.C. Baptist Men/Baptists On Mission