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Associational Men's Ministry


On behalf of the NCBM state Men's Ministry committee, I'd like to welcome you to the NC Associational Men's Ministry Director Web Site.  We hope you find this a helpful resource as you serve the churches of your association. Our goal is to be an encouragement to you. You, in turn, can be an encouragement to your counterparts in other associations by sharing ways you see God at work through your ministry.  We'd love to post some of the good things that are going on across the state. So stay in touch, and God bless you as you serve!

Mark Abernathy
Consultant for Men's Ministries
Baptists on Mission
1-800-395-5102 x 5607

The Overall Role of Associational Brotherhood or Baptist on Mission Director

Often we are asked, "Am I an Associational Brotherhood Director, an Associational Baptist Men's Director or an Associational Men's Ministry Director?" Good question! Some use the name Brotherhood while others use Baptist Men. Some are beginning to use the term Baptist on Mission Director. Each association will determine what the best term is for their situation. But the true answer lies in what you understand your responsibilities to be. The Associational Brotherhood/Baptist on Mission Director's overarching responsibility is to involve people in missions. This will involve hands-on mission projects as well as missions education (Men's Ministries, Coed Adult Missions; Challengers, Coed Youth Missions, Royal Ambassadors and Coed Children's missions) on an on-going basis.  The role of Associational Men's Ministry  Director falls under the direction of the Brotherhood/Baptist on Mission Director. In some cases, one person may wear both of these "hats".

While the information found in this site primarily has to do with starting and strengthening men's work in the association, the same principles could apply to one leading work with youth through Challengers or Coed Youth Missions and/or with children through Royal Ambassadors or Coed Children's Missions.

Five Tasks of an Associational Mission Director

When I first began working for Baptist Men, Lonnie Reynolds was our staff member responsible for our Associational training. Lonnie always took great joy in telling participants that a good Associational Director "spits" . That's right, "spits". And in the ensuing years, nothing has changed. Here's what we mean:

  • S tart
  • P romote
  • I nvolve
  • T rain
  • S trengthen
Start New Men's Ministry Units

Find out which churches in your association do not currently have an active Men's Ministry group. Make an appointment to meet face to face with the pastor to explain the benefits of having a vibrant Men's Ministry, and how to get one started. Be prepared! Know your "stuff". Be enthusiastic and encouraging. Have materials to leave with him. Check back.

Promote Associational and Statewide Events and Opportunities

Keep in touch with mission events and opportunities sponsored by your association and by Baptists on Mission. Make sure you are receiving the Baptists on Mission magazine. This website is also a great source of information to stay informed. Then keep these opportunities before the Men's Ministry leadership in your churches. Use as many ways as you can - associational newsletter, e-mails, phone calls, personal contact.

Involve Churches and Church Members in Missions

This may happen through a missions event or opportunity sponsored by your association, by Baptists on Mission, or by a national missions body. Some churches in your association can and will plan their own mission trips. That's great. Others, though, may not be able or willing to do so. But they may have individuals or small groups of people who would be glad to join an existing, organized effort.

Train Local Church Men's Ministry Leaders

A knowledgeable leader is an effective leader. Training builds confidence and develops leadership skills.  Training is usually most effective in the fall, when leadership positions change in most churches. Baptists on Mission offers assistance in training. Click here for more information.

Strengthen Existing Men's Ministry Units

Perhaps the number one job of an Associational Men's Ministry Director is to build relationships with local church Men's Ministry leaders. Your encouragement and friendship may be what it takes to put a Men's Ministry group over the top. Help local leadership understand the importance of having a well-rounded ministry to men - fellowship/outreach, spiritual development, ministry to the church body, and missions involvement. Be knowledgeable of and share available men's ministry resources.


  • Associational Men's  Ministry Director Resource Book
  • Associational Men's Ministry Director Responsibilities
  • Associational Men's Ministry Planning Guide
  • Local Church Baptist Men's Unit Evaluation Guide
For further information

E-mail Mark Abernathy or call 1.800.395.5102 x 5607