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Sunday BMD Worship Service

Baptist Men’s Day is an opportunity to highlight the contributions of the laymen of the church.  Make this a special day for them. By doing so, the family is strengthened. There is great need in our society for strong Christian male role models.  Recognizing the contributions of the men of the church, make those role models visible.

Work with your pastor to plan the service.  Recognize one or two outstanding members of your Men's Ministry. Present them with a certificate of appreciation. Sample certificates are available below.

Enlist men to hand out bulletins, take up the offering, and sing in a men’s choir. You may also want to enlist men to read Scripture, give a short testimony, or share a meaningful song.

Also consider building the service around men sharing personal testimonies of how God is at  work in their lives.  Give at least three men five minutes each to share.  Include participants of local, national and/or international mission projects, as well as individuals who have become active in men’s small groups or other spiritual development activities for men.

You might also consider allowing a time to let the men report on their activities from their Mission Action Team, small group, or prayer team during the past year.  Ask the pastor to sum up these activities and to bring a challenge for the future.