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Evangelistic Outreach

If you were to ask most Baptist Men's directors, "What would you like to see happen in your Men's Ministry group this year?", most of them would say, "We'd like to reach more men" or "We'd like to see more men involved". One of the best ways for this to happen is to offer a variety of "Entry Points". Entry points are ways in which men find a way to comfortably join your fellowship. For some men this may mean becoming part of a small group or a men's Bible study. For others it may mean going on a hands-on mission trip. But many men are not ready for that yet. They need something that may seem to them less "threatening". They'll have fun, experience meaningful fellowship, and probably hear a testimony or devotion, as well as hear men pray.

Some possible evangelistic outreach events - or - Entry Points:

  • Wild-game Supper

  • Sports Event

  • Father/Child Event

  • Needs-based Seminar

  • Men's Camping Trip

  • Father/son Campout

  • Super Bowl Party

  • Golf Tournament

  • Businessman's Breakfast

  • Men's Health Program or Seminar

  • Ministry to Deer Hunting Clubs

  • Father/Daughter Banquet

Another aspect of Evangelistic Outreach may include helping men to be able to comfortably share their testimony and lead someone to Christ should the opportunity arise. Too often, men feel ill-prepared or ill at ease to do so. Men can be led through a testimony workshop. The three parts of an effective testimony are explained (What my life was like before Christ; How I Accepted Christ as My Savior; What Christ is Doing in My Life Now.). The men then actually write out their testimony, pair off, and practice presenting it from the heart. A similar workshop can later be held on how to lead someone to Christ and pray the sinner's prayer with them.

For More Information

Mark Abernathy
Men's Ministry Consultant
Baptists on Mission/NCBM