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"Igniting the Hearts of Men" Conference

Do you desire to see men come alive with the realization of Christ's calling upon their lives? Would you rejoice to see them engaged in growing, meaningful fellowship with our Lord and other believers? Join us for one unforgettable day of encouragement, exhortation, and inspiration for men! 

Brett Clemmer, president and CEO of Man in the Mirror ministries since 2016, regards being a father and husband as his two primary ministries.He has spoken to men and trained leaders for Man in the Mirror both in the U.S. and internationally. He co-authored, with Patrick Morley and David Delk, No Man Left Behind, which is now the basis for the ministry’s leadership training and discipleship coaching ministry. Armed with a degree in Psychology, Brett’s jobs over the years have included a counselor in a psychiatric ward, supervisor of a juvenile detention shelter, operations manager for a homeless shelter, and entrepreneur two times over in the financial services and software sectors. After growing up and going to college outside of Boston, Brett Clemmer met and married his wife, Kimberly, and moved outside of Orlando, Florida, where they raised two fantastic children. Brett is a rock climbing enthusiast, which is tough living in Central Florida! He enjoys being active in men’s discipleship, and rooting for his Boston sports teams.
John-Tolson-(2).jpg John Tolson, founder of the Tolson Group, has inspired audiences through his speaking for over 45 years. John's deepest desire is to see people become the leaders God created them to be; successful in family, life and business. John has served as a faith developer for some of the nation’s leading executives, celebrities, and athletes. He started one of the first team chaplain programs in the NBA, and has served professional sports teams including the Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, Houston Oilers, Orlando Magic and most recently, the Dallas Cowboys. He is the author of Take A Knee, a motivational book based on the locker room messages he gave to the Dallas Cowboys, and co-author of The Four Priorities, which challenges men and women to become disciples who make disciples. Married to Punky Leonard Tolson in 2001, John is the father of two grown children with his late wife Ruth Anne, and has three adorable grandchildren. John received his Master of Divinity from Columbia Seminary and Doctorate of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary.

The IHM Conference will include three breakout session times with choice of sixteen topics led by prominent men’s leaders from around the nation.

Topics to Include:
Fatherhood         Anger Management
Leadership          Forgiveness
Discipleship         Missions Involvment
Mentorship           ...And Much More!


 $35   Per person if group purchases 10 or more tickets   REGISTER A GROUP OF MORE THAN 10

LUNCH (Three Options)
1. Lunch tickets can be pre-purchased at $10 per person. Lunch will be served on-site.    
    REGISTER HERE - GROUP LUNCH                                              
2. Groups of men can "tailgate" on-site, bringing their own food
3. Men may choose to go to a local fast food, several of which are within 5-10 minutes of the church. 

Check-in and exhibits open at 7:30 am. Santuary doors open at 8:15 am. Conference begins at 8:30 am and concludes at 4:00 pm.

No Man Left Behind: This session is designed for leaders or men who want to be leaders. It will give an overview of a model of men’s discipleship that reaches every man in your church, and provides answers for some of the toughest problems leaders face in their quest to help men become passionate followers of Jesus Christ. Brett Clemmer
President and CEO
Man in the Mirror
Castleberry, FL
Essentials of Manhood & Marriage: Being a man is more than just a question of gender. There are some essentials that are required of a male before he can call himself a man, and he must also meet those essentials to be the husband God calls him to be. Come join the conversation! Jay Penton
Stand Up Men
Plattesville, Alabama
God Loves Do-Overs - Our lives may bear the scars of broken relationships, addictions and unforgiveness. Too many times, men become stuck in their past – unwilling to forgive themselves. But there is hope. God offers each of us a do-over, a fresh start. We do not have to allow our past to define us. Rex Tignor
Man Up Ministries
Richmond, VA
Empowering Relationships Through Athletics: Participation in athletics provides a great opportunity for a father and son to bond. But it often brings friction, strife, and disesteem. Fathers unintentionally and subconsciously put expectations on their boys that put conditions on approval and love. This seminar will share challenges and practical applications that enable empowered relationships regardless of athletic results. Matt Treppel
Area Director
Fellow. Christian Athletes
Wilmington, NC
Anger: One Letter Away From Danger! Anger becomes a problem when it is handled incorrectly. Resentment and bitterness causes so many serious problems. In this equipping seminar, we will look at some tools that we can use to help us effectively deal with our anger, and keep us from blowing up! Larry Leak
Just Stand Firm Ministries
Wilbraham, MA
Spiritual Fathering – Making Disciples of the Next Generation: This session deals with equipping spiritually mature men to develop relationships with the next generation with the intension of making disciples who make disciples. What are the essentials for becoming an effective Spiritual Father? Kevin Gregory
Area Director
Man in the Mirror
Sanford, NC
The Intentional Leader. This session will focuses on the 5 intentional characteristics that I have personally witnessed in world-class, godly leaders.  We will discuss the five intentional characteristics of a godly leader, displayed in their heart, mind, actions, impact, and results. This is a session in which every leader will find actionable truths for growth. John Berry
Area Chair
C12 Group
Goldsboro, NC
Changing Lives Through Missions Involvement. Becoming the hands and feet of Christ through missions involvement changes lives - the lives of those we serve, as well as our own. In this session we will discuss ways to effectively find mission opportunities, organize for action, and encourage participation.  Paul Langston
Missions Mobilizer
Baptists on Mission
Cary, NC
Starting An Outdoor Ministry For Boys In Your Church And Community. Outdoor adventure is an effective tool in reaching boys of this generation. It can also be used to engage men in need of a ministry and purpose that matters. This session will describe how men of the church can step into and execute a life-changing ministry to boys. Rick Magee
Chief of Operations
Kids Outdoor Zone
Lynchburg, VA
Conflict: It Doesn't Have To Be Combat! Conflict happens every day, in most spheres of our lives. Our society is more divided now than ever before. There are many different ways that men face and react to conflict – some good, some not so good. This seminar will look at the word Conflict and provide you with tools to handle it well! Larry Leak
Just Stand Firm Ministries
Wilbraham, MA
Identity. In a world of uncertainty, men are asking themselves, “Who Am I?”. The sad part is that many are looking in the wrong places to find an answer. We know that God has a wonderful and perfect plan for each man’s life. In this seminar we will look at the word “Identity” in order to help you discover who you really are. Rex Tignor
Man Up Ministries
Richmond, VA
WORK: More Than a 4 Letter Word: Men have always had a tendency to identify themselves by what they do (their work), and not by who they are (their relationships). Men, you are not what you do. Still, what you do in your work does matter. Does your work define who you are? Are you having an impact in this arena of your life? Jay Penton
Stand Up Men
Plattesville, Alabama

More Topics to Come! (Topics and Leaders are subject to change)


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