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"Igniting the Hearts of Men" Conference


A One-Day Equipping Conference Designed to Help Men Deepen Their Relationship and Strengthen Their Walk with Christ!

Do you desire to see men come alive with the realization of Christ's stamp upon their lives? Would you rejoice to see them engaged in growing, meaningful fellowship with our Lord? Join us for one unforgettable day of encouragement, exhortation, and inspiration for men! 

Rex Tignor has a heart and passion for helping men unlock their God-given potential, and helping churches build an effective ministry for men. Rex is the author of Living Out of the Rut, Boot Camp for Men, Just Show UP!, and co-author of Be Intentional: Devotional Conversation Starters for Men. While serving as eastern director for People Matter Ministries, he co-authored Why Minister to Men with Dr. Dan Erickson. Rex is a former member of the leadership team and Men’s Ministry training director for the Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministries (WACMM). And also served as Men’s Ministry director for Redemption Ministries for the state of Virginia, which assisted more than 70 churches. The founder and director of Man Up Ministries, Rex is well-known among men's leaders nationally, and has become a trusted source of inspiration for many churches. 
TJ-Speaker-Photo2-(2).jpg After graduating from the United States Naval Academy, Tom Joyce was selected to fly the F-14 Tomcat and completed the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN). Later, he was selected to fly in some of the scenes of the movie "Top Gun", starring Tom Cruise. After several operational tours in fighting squadrons, Tom became Commanding Officer of Fighting Squadron 111 onboard the USS Kitty Hawk, which was recognized as the best in the Pacific Fleet under his command. Later, Tom survived the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon, which included a hit on his office. He retired after serving on active duty for more than 25 years. Tom is pastor at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, Virginia. He and wife Deshua work closely with families, encouraging couples in their marriage commitment, and equipping mothers and fathers in leaving a Godly legacy. 

The IHM Conference will include sixteen breakout sessions led by men’s leaders from around the nation. See below for descriptions.

A time of prayer and remembrance for those we lost during the 9/11 attack on our country on the 20 year anniversary of that tragic day.


 $35   Per person if group purchases 10 or more tickets   REGISTER A GROUP OF MORE THAN 10
 $25   Per person for any full-time student (must be at least 13 y/o to attend)  REGISTER AS A FULL-TIME STUDENT

LUNCH (Three Options)
1. Lunch tickets can be pre-purchased at $5 per person. Lunch will be served on-site.    
    REGISTER HERE - GROUP LUNCH                                              
2. Groups of men can "tailgate" on-site, bringing their own food
3. Men may choose to go to a local fast food, several of which are within 5-10 minutes of the church. 

Eight sessions will be offered, and repeated, in the morning and eight different ones offered, and repeated, in the afternoon.

Check-in and exhibits open at 7:00 am. Santuary doors open at 7:40 am. Conference begins at 8:00 am and concludes at 5:00 pm. 

Anger: One Letter Away From Danger! Anger becomes a problem when it is handled incorrectly. Resentment, Bitterness, Unforgiveness, causes so many serious problems. In this equipping seminar, we will look at some tools that we can use to help us effectively deal with our anger, and keep us from blowing up! Larry Leak
Just Stand Firm Ministries
Wilbraham, MA
The Building Blocks of Disciplemaking. Men in the church are asked to be Godly men, read their Bibles and go make disciples of other men - but are they trained in how to actually do these things? With the right biblically based building blocks to provide a template, and skills that can be learned and sharpened, every man can live out  the command to God and make disciples. Chris Ackerson
Every Man a Warrior
Chattanooga, TN
Grandfather Tune Up. Men I have to tell you, I have had the chance to do some pretty awesome things in my life, but none of them come close to being a dad and grandfather. In this equipping seminar, we are going to look at some tools that we can use to become a smooth-running grandfather. Rex Tignor
Man-Up Ministries
Richmond, VA
Friendship: What's at the Center of Yours? In this session, we'll take a look at some of the most influential people you'll have in your life: your friends. We'll take a look at pitfalls, mistakes, and insights into identifying the core of your relationships while also gleaning insight from significant biblical friendships. (Young Men) Mike Whitmer
Disciple 1 Ministries
Richmond, VA
Helping Men Move From Isolation to Brotherhood. God never intended Christian men to fight their spiritual battles alone.Based on Gary’s book, Got Your Back, this session will explore how to help Christian men forge the brotherhood connections they sense they are missing and know they need. Gary Yagel
Forging Bonds of 

Olney, MD
On Target in Your Home: Releasing Well-Aimed Arrows. When you accepted the title “husband”, you became by divine appointment, the leader in your home. Men who are natural leaders have no trouble taking over, controlling, guiding, and getting things done. Other men are not strong, natural leaders. Both types, however, seem to struggle to lead well in the home. Let’s talk about why. Stan Budd
Family Life Ministries
Jacksonville, NC
10 Things Most People Don't Know About Porn. Pornography is the #1 threat to the church today.  Studies show that 62% of men in the church actively view porn. In this session, you will learn shocking information and practical steps to help men gain freedom from the bondage of porn. Mark Denison
There's Still Hope
Bradenton, FL
Visionary Leadership. Proverbs 29:18 indicates that without vision, the people will perish. As leaders, men bear the burden of casting vision for those God has appointed us to shepherd -  in the home, community, workplace and church. In this session we will discuss how effective leaders utilize vision in all aspects of their lives.  Tom Joyce
Immanuel Bible Church
Springfield, VA
On Target In Your Life. The devil did not tempt the woman with adultery, murder, or addiction. He simply planted a seed of doubt. By understanding the subtleties and craftiness of the evil one, we can better prepare ourselves to stay on target. Stan Budd
Family Life Ministries
Jacksonville, NC
Changing Lives Through Missions Involvement. Becoming the hands and feet of Christ through missions involvment changes lives - the lives of those we serve, as well as our own. In this session we will discuss ways to effectively find mission opportunities, organize for action, and encourage participation.  Pete Teague
Team Member
BOM Men’s Ministry
Salisbury, NC
What Road Are You On? Life is a classroom, and there are lessons to be learned. Quizzes and Exams come at us in the form of Peer Pressure, Choices, Self Esteem, etc.  In this equipping seminar, we are going to look at some tools that will enable us to choose the right road to travel, and pass the tests of life!  (Young Men) Larry Leak
Just Stand Firm Ministries
Wilbraham, MA
Redeeming the Time. Nearly all Christian men struggle with not having enough time! You came to this conference because you want to do the right thing and you want to start now. This session will give you the tools to start spending more time on things that matter. Rick Grubbs
Life Changing Seminars
Salisbury, NC
Fatherhood Tune Up. Both boys and girls need you as a role model for what it means to be an adult male. Make no mistake, they are observing you every minute. They take in how you treat others, how you manage frustrations, how you fulfill your obligations, and whether you carry yourself with character. In this equipping seminar, we will look at ways to lead our children well.  Rex Tignor
Man-Up Ministries
Richmond, VA
Building the Winning Team to Reach Men. If you are interested in developing a ministry to men in your church, already a leader, or a pastor, this is the session for you. This session will provide leaders an actionable written plan to build an effective team to reach and disciple the men in their church and community.    Chris Rondeau
Man in the Mirror
Simpsonville, SC
How To Start An Outdoor Ministry For Boys In Your Church And Community. Outdoor adventure is a critical and effective tool in reaching the fatherless and broken boys of this generation. It can also be used to engage men in need of a ministry and purpose that matters. This session will describe how men of the church can step into and execute a life-changing ministry to boys. Rick Magee
Kids Outdoor Zone
Lynchburg, VA
The Intentional Leader. This session will focus on the five intentional characteristics that I have witnessed in the world-class, godly leaders that I have worked with.  We will discuss the five intentional characteristics of a godly leader that are displayed in their heart, mind, actions, impact, and results. This is a session in which every leader will find actionable truths for growth. John Berry
C12 Group
Goldsboro, NC

*Sessions and/or session times may be subject to change

Baptists on Mission has blocked off a number of rooms at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Monroe. Click here for more information, and/or to book a room. There are other hotels in the area of varying cost. Check here.

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