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Safe Travel Information

Travel Health Resources

We all want to enjoy our long-planned vacations and the best way to do that is to stay healthy. Review these quick tips to find ways to ensure you and your family stay healthy while traveling.

Travel Safety Resources

Reviewing tips before a scheduled trip can help make the difference between a safe and fun filled trip and one that is filled with issues. Check out the following tips to keep your trip safe.

Travel Security Resources

Travel security is extremely important for all trips – domestic and abroad. Here are some security travel tips that cover common legal, government and customs issues while traveling.

Zika Virus

Information from the Centers for Disease Control website below, marked (CDC), with special emphasis on concerns for pregnant women

Country Health Profiles

Make sure you are well informed regarding the health and hygiene standards of your destination country.

Emergency Response Guidelines

Leaders and trip members should follow these guidelines on how to respond in case of emergency.

First-Aid Equipment List & Training

Essentials to pack in your first-aid kit and basic first-aid skills for trip leaders.

How to Protect Your Luggage

Reduce the risk of losing your luggage before and during your travels.

Avoid Heat-Related Illnesses

Keep your team members safe in hot climates.

Safeguard Your Valuables

Consider these suggestions to help secure money, passports, identification, and more.

Secure Travel Tips

Tips for keeping yourself and your belongings safe as you travel abroad.

Understanding Travel Alerts

Explanation of government-issued travel alerts and warnings.

Vaccine Requirements

Check out vaccine requirements and suggestions for your destination country.