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Secure Travel Tips

Traveling abroad can be dangerous, mostly due to your unfamiliarity with your surroundings. Here are some tips on how to travel securely.

1. Limit the amount of cash you carry

Cash makes you an easy target; avoid carrying large sums of money with you or flashing cash during a purchase. Use credit or debit cards whenever possible (be sure to notify the companies you will be traveling overseas). Save on ATM fees by taking out cash at purchase time from supermarkets and gas stations.

2. Educate yourself about your destination country

Get information on travel alerts and country-specific warnings, laws, and customs before you leave. You may need to change your dress, abide by curfews, or adhere to media restrictions. If you break the law while traveling, your U.S. passport can’t help you avoid arrest and the U.S. embassy can’t get you out of jail.

3. Protect your passport

There has been a recent increase of theft of U.S. passports. Keep your passport in your front pocket or in a travel pouch inside your clothes. If your hotel asks to hold your passport during your stay, make sure you request documentation. Always keep a photo copy of your passport ID page and visa.

4. Use authorized taxis only

Before you leave, verify a legitimate taxi service. Unauthorized taxi rides have resulted in kidnappings and robberies.