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NCBM Disaster Relief badges expire 3 years after training, however, you can re-qualify for your badge by attending the Recertification class. If your training is expired over 2 years, you must take the Basic course again. To qualify for Advance courses, you must be current in the Basic course listed on the badge. Classes may be 1/2 day or 2 days. Please read the schedule closely.


To register, click on "DETAILS" below next to the region that you'd like to attend.

  Recertification Opportunities  
No Recertification projects found.

CLASSES OFFERED - Re-certification

Classes offered at most regional trainings.  Read description carefully.
*You must have taken the Basic course within 5 years to qualify for the Re-certification class.

Administration Recert– manages the paperwork for the operation including volunteer check-in, finance, and daily reporting.  Admin volunteers should have organizational skills, be computer literate, and be able to handle many tasks at once. Must be able to work in an office-like environment for long periods. Friday - Saturday class

Assessment Recert– visits with homeowner to determine if and how volunteers can help with cleanup and recovery.  Team member should be comfortable meeting people in distress, work well with others, usually in pairs, be able to read and complete paperwork, and understand the work of chainsaw, clean up, and temporary repair teams. Saturday only class

Chaplaincy Recert– meets the spiritual and emotional needs of disaster survivors.  Participants should be able to relate well with people in crisis situations, be a good listener, be able to communicate well verbally, and be able to read and comprehend chaplaincy materials. Compassion is important but also learn skills to care for the needy. Friday-Saturday class

Communications Recert– must possess an Amateur Radio License or have meaningful IT experience.  The Communication team provides equipment and support to the disaster operation and leadership.  Technical skills are a must. Friday class or Saturday class

Childcare Recert -  team members provide temporary environment for children post- disaster in order to allow parents the time needed to recover from a disaster.  Must be willing to learn and follow NCBM methods for childcare.  Saturday only class

Feeding Recert – learn best practices for cooking large quantities of food using NCBM equipment.  Must be able to work in hot/cold environments for long periods.  Standing, lifting, twisting are basic physical motions that you must be comfortable with.  Friday class or Saturday class.

Forklift Recert – invitation only from any team leader within your discipline.  Participants will learn how to operate a forklift properly; you will receive a forklift qualification card.  Friday class or Saturday class

Logistics Recert- gets stuff for the operation.  Volunteers must be resourceful, energetic, and able to manage many demands at one time.  The work is typically outdoors and requires long hours and many challenges.  Must be able to work within a chain-of-command.  Friday only class

Maintenance Recert– invitation only from a Blue Hat.  Participants must have experience in maintenance, be able to work long hours in less than ideal conditions.  Must be mechanically savvy and resourceful.  Friday only class

Medical Reserve Corps Recert - domestic and international response.  Must have a current NC medical license.  Must be able to work long hours in adverse conditions.  Friday or Saturday class

Recovery Recert(also known as Clean-up) - Help homeowners clean-up personal dwellings which may include: gutting home, removing mud and personal belongings, chainsaw work, and temporary repair. Age: 15+,  (15-17 w/parent).  Skills needed: be in good physical shape, able to work in adverse conditions including hot and cold weather.  Friday night only

Recovery State Unit Recert – Volunteers will become equipment managers for the NCBM Disaster Recovery Unit. Participants must be able to manage the disbursement and collection of tools to volunteer teams.  In addition, volunteers must understand tools and their purpose, be able to operate a computer, and be responsible for a lot of equipment. Recovery Basic is the prerequisite.  Saturday only

Shower/Laundry Recert - Covers setup, maintenance, and use of shower/laundry units. Skills needed: be able to sort, load, wash, and fold clothes for other people.  Must be in good physical shape to work in hot and cold conditions.  Saturday only



See individual events to determine day. Friday - Check-in is 4:30-5:30 p.m. Class starts at 5:45, ends by 10 p.m. Check-in on Saturday - 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. Class starts at 8:00, ends by 3 p.m. If you cannot arrive to class within 45 minutes of beginning, please choose another date and locationn.


Housing provided in church/facility, dormitory style, male/female separated. Bring your cot/air mattress (no doubles) and anything you need for sleeping. We do NOT provide sleep gear, only space! Meals: supper, breakfast, lunch.


18+. Recovery participants 15+ with Parent

Cost for Recertification Classes

$30. Includes instruction, training manual, t-shirt, updated id badge, and up to 3 meals. NON-REFUNDABLE. Credit Cards and Checks accepted.

**You must register for each recert class individually. You can only take one on Friday night and one on Saturday.

Note: The training is designed to be as realistic as possible. Flexibility is key to having a good experience. Please do not register for this training if you cannot stay for the entire event.