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BASIC training event 2018!

If you've never trained with us before, you're in the right place. NCBM Disaster Relief Basic is a 2 day orientation to the Disaster Relief ministry which includes history, policies, procedures, and technical training in the field you choose.

NCBM Disaster Relief Training is available to all believers who have a passion to serve others.  Disaster response is a unique mission experience because of the sudden nature of the event, difficult conditions, and high expectations from other relief organizations and survivors.  We hope you desire to serve God in this type of ministry and that you fulfill that desire through NCBM Disaster Relief.

Background Checks are required for all disaster relief volunteers (including those already trained). During the online registration process you will be given additional information on how to proceed.  Afterwards you will receive additional information instructing you on next steps for registration completion and payment. 

The background check process occurs every three years for NCBM Disaster Relief volunteers.


To register, click on "DETAILS" below next to the region that you'd like to attend.
  Basic Opportunities  
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Classes offered at each regional training.  Only one (1) class can be taken per region.

Disaster Relief Chaplaincy:
Provide spiritual and emotional care to volunteers and survivors. Skills needed: good people skills, compassion, non-judgmental, able to learn new techniques for helping people in crisis.

For amateur radio operators and IT professionals. Skills needed: Amatuer Radio License or IT network experience.

Disaster Relief Temporary Child Care:
Emergency child care training. Skills needed: able to thrive in child care environment - not just survive. Must possess skills to care for children using NCBM guidance.

Mass Feeding:
Learn food safety and preparation for mass feeding. Volunteers will prepare breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Skills needed: physically able to adapt to kitchen work which includes walking, twisting, and lifting. Expect to work long hours in hot and cold environments.

Medical Reserve Corps:
Domestic and international response. Skills needed: Must have current NC certification and/or licensure and knowledge of basic first aid. Must be able to work long hours in adverse conditions.

Recovery (also known as Clean-up):
Help homeowners clean-up personal dwellings which may include: gutting home, removing mud and personal belongings, chainsaw work, and temporary repair. Age: 15+, (15-17 w/parent). Skills needed: be in good physical shape, able to work in adverse conditions including hot and cold weather.

Covers setup, maintenance, and use of shower/laundry units. Skills needed: be able to sort, load, wash, and fold clothes for other people. Must be in good physical shape to work in hot and cold conditions.


Check-in begins at 2:30 p.m. on Friday. Supper at 7 p.m. Classes 4:30 p.m.-10 p.m. Training completed by 3 p.m. on Saturday. If you cannot arrive in time for class by 4:45 p.m. please choose another date and location.


This is an OVERNIGHT training. Participants will sleep at the facility/church dormitory style, men and women separated. Bring your cot/air mattress (no doubles) and anything you need for sleeping. We do NOT provide sleep gear, only space! Showers provided.


18+ for all ministries. However, 15-17 year olds may train in Recovery with a participating parent or guardian.


$45, includes training manual, hat, shirt, updated id badge, background check (if needed), temporary accident insurance, and up to 3 meals. NON-REFUNDABLE. Credit Cards/Checks accepted. Note: The training is designed to be as realistic as possible. Flexibility is key to having a good experience. Please do not register for this training if you cannot stay for the entire event.