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Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Crisis Update- 6/5/2023- When Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb 24, 2022, Baptists on Mission began mobilizing immediately. Since the war began we have been working in Poland, Moldova, Hungary and inside Ukraine with internally displaced people, particularly in the western part of Ukraine. We’ve had a long history of involvement in Eastern Europe and this has opened doors for us to minister across the region right now during the Ukraine war crisis.

Hungary - Since 2008 we’ve been working in Hungary, Romania and Ukraine with a partner organization, Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) and we are now assisting their relief work brought about by the war. Volunteers are working near the border assisting refugees who are crossing into Hungary. They provide hot meals and daily supplies as well as prepare sleeping arrangements for up to 60 people.
We are working at a warehouse owned by Hungarian Baptist Aid as well as schools they operate which are providing housing for refugees. Working with HBAid, NC volunteers are also helping with temporary housing for displaced families and providing food and essential supplies to families escaping Ukraine and going into Hungary.
Ukraine- From 1994-2000, NC Baptists had a full partnership with Ukraine Baptists. Now we are working with the Ukraine Baptist Union as well as the Lviv Seminary (UBTS). We are working to send funds to purchase food that is being taken into central and eastern Ukraine to feed people who are being housed in Baptist churches in the war zones. Baptists on Mission has sent funds to help purchase food, medical and baby supplies as well as hygiene items. Our partners, House of Hope, gather items and then provides them to Baptists churches who take them into the actual war zone to offer relief to people who have nowhere else to turn. Our hope is to have a long term partnership in Ukraine once the war has ended.
Working with HBAid, BOM volunteers are also working at a warehouse distributing supplies and ministering to 100,000 internally displaced people in a region of Ukraine that is near the border with Hungary. We are sending medical teams to help in that region of Ukraine.
There will be many additional opportunities to be on mission in Ukraine as soon as the war ends. Please pray for the war to end and pray for God to be glorified among the people of Ukraine.

Right now, we are sending volunteers to assist displaced refugees and we are keeping a list of potential volunteers who have a passport and would be willing to go and assist in relief efforts. We have had many more people to volunteer then we are able to send. Signing up will only put you on a list of potential volunteers if this was needed. One of the greatest needs right now is monetary donations to provide food, medical supplies, hygiene items and other essential supplies.

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We are sending volunteers into Western Ukraine. We are also working to get needed supplies to refugees. God has opened a door for us to help get needed supplies into Ukraine.  

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Monetary donations help provide non-perishable food, toiletries, medical supplies and other essential items.

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From 1994-2000, NC Baptists had a full partnership with Ukraine Baptists.

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