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Welcome to the Homepage for the NCBM's Prayer Ministry. The overall purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to provide prayer support for the Ministries and Projects of NCBM and others. NCBM have teams on the mission field 365 days of the year. Before these teams leave for their destination, as well as during their actual time in the field, we need to provide needed prayer support for them. Via the Web, we give Christians the opportunity to come together and lift up those serving in missions.

NCBM/Baptists on Mission

Ministry Prayer Requests

Ministry Prayer Requests
Three events are happening this weekend sponsored by NCBM/Baptists on Mission:  Men’s Outdoor Weekend at Caraway; Deep Impact KIDS Weekend at Red Springs Mission Camp; and the Region 9 Disaster Relief Training in Buncombe County.  Pray for the men, women, youth, and children who will be participating in these three events to have life-changing experiences for God’s glory! 
Devotional Thoughts
As a kid, did you ever play the game of "tag you are it"? I think we all did, and it was one of my favorites.  Have you ever been IT, the LEADER, or have you ever been chosen to stand out from the crowd?  You cannot hide because you have been chosen to be IT; everyone knows that you are IT.  You have been selected!
At work, have you ever been chosen for a specific job? In 1 Samuel 16:13, God chose David.  God has chosen you - tag, you are it!  You cannot tag anyone else to take your place.  God has chosen you to do your part for His kingdom.  Take it, do it, spread His word because YOU and I are IT!
Board of Directors, Advisory Council Team Members, Staff:
1st Brittany Oxendine
2nd Mel Cornillaud
2nd Greg Swaim
8th Lamar Chastain
8th Bill Fogarty
8th Gene Kirby
13th Lowell Grogan
14th Bob Joyner
14th Bettini Mitchell
17th Carol Millsaps
19th Asher Jackson
23rd Billy Layton
23rd Stan Poindexter
24th Dale Fuller
24th Lauri Simpson
25th Sid Pittman
28th Gary Wilfong
30th Terry Barnes
30th Larry Helderman
(Do you have a May birthday and your name is not listed above? It means we do not know the date. Please send the month and day to
CONTACT: Please send your ministry prayer requests and/or a 75-word devotional, if you would like to share one with the group, send to Tammy Weeks, NCBM State Prayer Support Coordinator:  She will appreciate your input!


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