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Welcome to the Homepage for the NCBM's Prayer Ministry. The overall purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to provide prayer support for the Ministries and Projects of NCBM and others. NCBM have teams on the mission field 365 days of the year. Before these teams leave for their destination, as well as during their actual time in the field, we need to provide needed prayer support for them. Via the Web, we give Christians the opportunity to come together and lift up those serving in missions.

NCBM/Baptists on Mission

Ministry Prayer Requests

Ministry Prayer Requests
World Missions Week / Deep Impact Caswell beginning Sunday, July 2, thru Saturday.
This is a week designed for all age groups which include celebrative worship, small group times, mission emphasis led by different missionaries and through videos, crafts and activities, reaching out through Deep Impact into local areas helping those in need and sharing the Gospel. 
Please pray for the program leaders:  Tom Richter, speaker; Rush of Fools band, worship leaders; missionaries; children and youth workers; Deep Impact staff; all participating campers; and NCBM staff that God will have His way for His glory resulting in changed lives.
Devotional Thoughts
What are you passionate about? I mean passionate about; or, put another way, what do you care about the most? Whatever you call it, passion is the God-given desire to make a difference somewhere. What are you passionate about? We are all passionate about someone or something.
It might be your wife or your husband, a girlfriend or a boyfriend, maybe it’s your children, your grandchildren, your family, a hobby, some cause, a sport. If you are a Christian, you are called to invest your life in His Majesty’s service. What are you passionate about?  Others can easily tell even if you can’t. When someone asks you about your passion, you come alive, your eyes open wide, your pupils dilate, you raise your voice, you become animated, your skin has more color, you can’t stop talking about it, you feel energized. What are you passionate about? In John’s gospel, we find Jesus encouraging us to be passionate about three things: to develop a passion for God, a passion for the Church and a passion for the lost.
Board of Directors, Advisory Council Team Members, Staff:
June 29th Dollie Noa
June 29th Randy Storz
June 30th Bill Pickard
June 30th David Gaddy
1st Carey Fleming
2nd Vanessa Short
3rd Frances Price
4th Tom Beam
5th Brenda Boberg
6th Gloria Ashe
6th Jimmy Lawrence
7th Henry Bass
7th Mary Ashcraft
9th Tom Vannoy
11th Brian Alexander
12th Larry Osborne
12th Steve Stancil
13th Chris Bellamy
13th Curtis Thrift
15th David Holcomb
16th David Pittman
17th Rick Brewer
18th Rick Ross
20th Ken Black
20th Richard Brunson     
20th Bob Stewart
23rd Alan Harris
23rd George Crouch
25th Robert Stroup
27th David Cox
30th Randy Swisher
31st Mike Brown
(Do you have a July birthday and your name is not listed above? It means we do not know the date. Please send the month and day to the month and day to
CONTACT: Please send your ministry prayer requests and/or a 75-word devotional, if you would like to share one with the group, send to Tammy Weeks, NCBM State Prayer Support Coordinator:  She will appreciate your input!


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