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Welcome to the Homepage for the NCBM's Prayer Ministry. The overall purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to provide prayer support for the Ministries and Projects of NCBM and others. NCBM have teams on the mission field 365 days of the year. Before these teams leave for their destination, as well as during their actual time in the field, we need to provide needed prayer support for them. Via the Web, we give Christians the opportunity to come together and lift up those serving in missions.

NCBM/Baptists on Mission

Ministry Prayer Requests

Ministry Prayer Requests
Construction Skills Training offers basic skills needed to assist with construction ministry.  Attendees will learn how to hang and finish drywall, install flooring, lay out and frame walls, among other skills.  Pray for leaders and participants in this training, which will be held at Shelby Missions Camp this Saturday (24th) and at Red Springs Mission Camp on Saturday, March 24. This provides an opportunity to become better equipped to meet the physical needs of people while at the same time respond to opportunities that God opens to become the hands and feet of Jesus.    
Devotional Thoughts
You are not Going to Live Happily Ever After. But, that is what many people who call themselves Christians seem to believe by their actions. We tell people to repeat “this prayer” and “you will be saved.” And we indicate that their problems will all be over.
We don’t tell them that following Jesus is a commitment to a radical lifestyle. In fact, we imply that if we pray and read our Bible and go to church and give 10% and go on visitation once per month, and go on a mission trips and….. that God will be so pleased with us that we will live happily ever after.
But, the Bible teaches that we will have trouble. Problems. Conflicts. Jesus said, “They persecuted me, and if you follow me, they will persecute you, too.”
But there is a God who loves us. We can call Him Father. In Proverbs, we read, The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are protected.” (Proverbs 18:10. CSB)
Remember this verse when life gets you down. Yes, we will have trouble in this life.  And, yes, we have a God, our Father, who will protect us from Satan.
Board of Directors, Advisory Council Team Members, Staff:
3rd  David Ashcraft
4th  Terry Short
5th  April Hammond
9th  Kecia Morgan
9th  Jack Frazier
9th  Ted Menster
11th  Lesley Brunson
11th  John Gore
15th  Jerry Cates
15th  Lee Phillips
16th  Linda Marshall
18th  Cathy Ollis
21st  Janis Allison
24th  Janice Johnson
24th  Brenda Martin
24th  Mari Wiles
26th  Charlie Broadway
28th  Daniel Edmonson
29th  Bob Foy
(Do you have a February birthday and your name is not listed above? It means we do not know the date. Please send the month and day to
NOTE: Tammy Weeks, our NCBM State Prayer Coordinator, would really appreciate a 75-word devotional contribution that you would care to submit to share with the group.  Please send to Tammy Weeks:  She will appreciate your input!  Also, if you have any ministry praises or prayer requests, please send those as well. 




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