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Welcome to the Homepage for the NCBM's Prayer Ministry. The overall purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to provide prayer support for the Ministries and Projects of NCBM and others. NCBM have teams on the mission field 365 days of the year. Before these teams leave for their destination, as well as during their actual time in the field, we need to provide needed prayer support for them. Via the Web, we give Christians the opportunity to come together and lift up those serving in missions.

NCBM/Baptists on Mission

Ministry Prayer Requests

1.  Pray for the Good Shepherd Children's Home in Guatemala.   Pray for the staff and administration and children as their number of children increases. 
2.  Pray for teams making preparations for mission trips during the holidays.  Give thanks for open doors for sharing about the reason that Christians celebrate Christmas.
3.  Pray for international students, refugees, and others living in our neighborhoods who may be facing rising persecution as a result of the attacks in Paris.

Devotional Thoughts

 “Now Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when He finished, one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught His disciples.”  Luke 11:1
As we were recently returning from an extended mission trip, we reminisced about our experiences.   We realized that it is very easy in our culture to answer our own prayers.  We bow our heads and say Grace and ask God to “Give us this Day our daily Bread.”  Then we hop in our cars, run to the store and buy a loaf of bread.   We ask to stay warm and safe  and then turn up the furnace and buy the best car seats for our children.   So easy to provide answers to our own prayers.    But many of our international Brothers and Sisters pray for “daily bread” not knowing if they will have enough food for their families that night.   If their child is sick, there may not be a doctor or even Tylenol to help them.  They often cannot afford to send their children to school.   Substandard housing and lack of education and jobs fuel their prayers.
Their prayers are bold. They ask God for things they can’t always provide for themselves.  Please think about these two things as you pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
First, pray to use your abundance to help answer someone else’s prayers.
Second, pray to learn to pray bold prayers, asking God for the things that only He can bring about.
Prayer:  Dear Lord, Teach me to pray more boldly.   May I be more generous in both giving and in faithful prayers.  Help me to be more confident in prayers that can’t be answered by my own efforts and that I can have faith in Your answers and Your power.    In Jesus’ Name,   Amen.
Please pray for the staff, Board of Directors, and Advisory Council team members who have NOVEMBER birthdays:
1st Scott Daughtry
1st Mary Tague
2nd Johnsie Hale
7th Chris Simpson
9th Bob Elison
9th Tom Stroud
10th Joe Query
11th Phillip Plammons
12th Carissa Shelton
13th Don Whitener
14th Joe Burris
14th Mitch Calloway
17th Robert Simons
20th Lois Martin
21st Phyllis Foy
23rd Vicki Etheridge
23rd Phillip Heavner
23rd David Reeder
24th Tami Weske
26th Mike Moose
26th Bob Szakal
28th Chip McGuirt
28th Peter Cordero

Cathy Ollis, NCBM State Prayer Support Coordinator: 


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