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NCBM, working in partnership with the Baptist Convention of Kenya, will sponsor mission teams to the African nation of Kenya in 2015. The nature of the mission effort will be two-fold: 1) to participate in a house-building/church planting effort in Western Kenya, and 2) to assist the Kenya Baptist Theological College in Limuru with various projects, which may include construction and renovation, teaching and other instruction, library work, etc.

Houses of Hope Project in Kisumu

The Kenya Baptist Convention has undertaken a bold initiative of planting 1000 new house churches in the next several years. One of the strategies for doing this involves community service projects in which mission teams help build a house for four families in need in strategic church plant areas. These are usually widows, many of whom are forced to move back to their birthplace after their husband dies. They are often at the mercy of the community for any housing at all. The house building project brings the community together for service to one of its neighbors and exposes them to the gospel through a house dedication service held at the end each day. Local pastors are active in planning, conducting, and follow-up of the project with the goal of starting a Bible Study in the new homes, and eventually a new church in the area. Teams will also have great opportunity to minister with the many children who gather for the project, as well as go door to door throughout the village to witness and pray for people, inviting them to the house dedication.

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Kenya Baptist Theological College (KBTC)

Located near the town of Limuru in the Kenyan Highlands, about an hour north of Nairobi, the Kenya Baptist Theological College (KBTC) is owned and operated by the Baptist Convention of Kenya. Students come from all over Eastern and Southern Africa to receive theological preparation. Graduates of the school go on to provide leadership in churches throughout Africa. The college is undergoing a major physical transition. Mission teams are needed to assist with renovation and construction. Individuals and small teams may also be used in teaching, discipleship, evangelism, etc. We foresee this being a long-term mission need.

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Securing A Date to Serve
The projects listed below have been set up for specific teams that are already planning to go. If you would like to put together a team for either the Houses of Hope project or to serve at KBTC, contact Mark Abernathy at 1-800-395-5102 x 5607; 919-459-5607; or Trips customarily run from Tuesday until the following Friday - year round. Call or e-mail with a date in mind, we will clear that with our contacts in Kenya and then begin the process of registering your team. In some cases it may be possible for individuals to add to existing teams.

More Information

For more information on the Kenya Work & Witness Teams contact Mark Abernathy with NCBM:

[P] 1-800-395-5102 x 5607

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