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Leaders today know the value of training. Training is an opportunity for anyone to become an effective missions leader. To do this one needs to become involved in growing spiritually, learn how to share their faith, and become active in missions. Training also continues when leadership responsibilities are shared with those having the same skills, talents, and abilities to lead in specific areas of ministry.

Training Opportunities

NCBM offers a wide variety of training opportunities for development of skills to be more involved in Missions. The column to the left shows various training categories.


NCBM have numerous printed resource materials as resources to churches and individuals. Click here for a list of printed resources.

There is a safety/security on-line training that is available by clicking the link to the left title "Mission Trip - Security Training". This is a 5 hour training that is designed especially for International Mission trip leaders and team members. This training is provided by Fort Sherman Academy. There is a $12 charge for this on-line training.