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Disaster Relief Training

NC Baptists on Mission Disaster Relief Training is available to all believers who have a passion to serve others.  Disaster response is a unique mission experience because of the sudden nature of the event, difficult conditions, and high expectations from other relief organizations and survivors.  We hope you desire to serve God in this type of ministry and that you fulfill that desire through NC Baptists on Mission Disaster Relief.

  • To sign in to the site for the first time, click on Sign In, in the upper right corner and follow the instructions. You must have your own personal email to sign up for an account. 
  • If you already have an account, when you register for any training, please go into your account and verify all information is correct and add any missing information to your profile. 
  • If you have not signed into your account within the last 6 years, please create a new profile.  Contact the Baptists on Mission office at 800.395.5102 x 5596 for assistance.

regional Training Opportunities

You will notice some changes to the classes we now offer at Regional Training. All classes at Regional Training are now considered  basic and require no pre-requisites except Assessment and Crew Chief, which requires Recovery; and Forklift, which requires logistics, recovery or feeding. Please contact the Baptists on Mission office for assistance - 800.395.5102 x 5606.



Training is valid for three years. If you need to recertify in Feeding, Recovery, Assessment or Shower and Laundry and you have served on a disaster relief deployment in that ministry you may recertify online. You must recertify within the year that your badge expires for a specific ministry. As a part of the online recertification you will need to get a current background check and watch a short video. Click HERE to begin your online recertification for the classes mentioned above. After completing these two steps you will be mailed a new badge. The cost for online recertification is $20. If you do not wish to recertify online you are welcome to attend one of the regional trainings listed below and take the class again. Click on the detail/register button to choose your location.


Due to the many changes in all other ministries, you will need to attend one of the regional trainings in person or virtually to recertify for the following: Childcare, Logistics, Chaplaincy, Administration, Communications, Crew Chief, Forklift, International Search and Rescue, Maintenance, Recover Trailer/Equipment Manager and Medical Reserve Corps as they do NOT offer on line video recertification at this time.



Opportunities are below on how to train virtually or in person for 2021. For the Spring trainings, some of the trainings will be virtual and some will be in person. Please pay careful attention to the following information:

The Spring Disaster Relief Trainings will look different for 2021. Because of COVID, we are trying to limit the number of in-person trainings at each of our 5 training locations. The spring trainings are for anyone who wants to be certified for the first time or for those wanting to recertify. The following is the plan we will use for spring 2021.
Region 1 DR Training – Manteo Baptist Church, Manteo, NC – Thursday, February 25 and Saturday, February 27
Region 5 DR Training – Southside Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC – Thursday, March 11 and Saturday, March 13
Region 3 DR Training – Charity Rebuild Center, Rose Hill, NC – Thursday, March 25 and Saturday, March 27
Region 7 DR Training – FBC Hudson, Hudson, NC – Thursday, April 22 and Saturday, April 24
Region 9 DR Training – FBC Hendersonville, NC – Thursday, May 13 and Saturday, May 15

ALL TRAINING REGISTRATION closes on the Monday prior to each training weekend.
Thursday evening: 6:00-7:00 pm – ALL registered trainees meeting virtually. (A link will be sent on the Monday before for Google Meets)
7:30 – 9:00 pm – Some DR ministries will meet virtually to go over general information and manuals. (A link will be sent on the Monday before for Google Meets)
Saturday: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm – The following ministries will be VIRTUAL (A link will be sent on the Monday before for Google Meets):
Cost is $20 per person
Assessment (must be certified in recovery to take assessment)
Chaplaincy (regions 3, 5 only)
Crew Chief (regions 3, 5, 7 only and must be certified in recovery to take crew chief)
Maintenance (regions 3, 5, 7 only)

NOTE ABOUT VIRTUAL TRAINING: You are not bound by your region to take the virtual training. You can sign up for any region training for virtual.
Saturday: 8:30 – 3:00 pm – The following ministries will be IN PERSON:
Cost is $30 per person
Recovery Trailer (regions 3, 5, 7 only)
Safety (regions 3, 5 only) ALL those wanting to be certified in Safety must be approved by Carl Collins before registering. 
                                           You can reach him at
Forklift (must be certified in feeding, logistics or recovery to take forklift)

NOTE ABOUT IN PERSON TRAINING: There will be no overnight lodging at the church. If you choose to overnight you will need to work out your own lodging and breakfast on Saturday. Lunch on Saturday is provided. You will arrive at the church to check in with your specific ministry group by 8:30 am. Some ministries will finish training before 3:00 pm. 


  Disaster Relief Training Opportunities  
No Disaster Relief Training projects found.

Location information

Following are the dates and regional locations for the 2021 Disaster Relief Training season.  You can attend as many regional training events as you desire. 

Region 1 February 25-27, 2021 Manteo, NC
Region 5 March 11-13, 2021 Greensboro, NC
Region 3 March 25-27, 2021 Rose Hill, NC
Region 7 April 22-24, 2021 Hudson, NC
Region 9 May 13-15, 2021 Hendersonville, NC