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Men's Outdoor Weekend


Some have contacted us asking about our annual weekend for men at Camp Caraway, scheduled for May 1-2. From the beginning of this COVID-19 event, we have attempted to remain nimble in our decision-making – being pro-active without becoming over-reactive. At this point, Caraway is willing and able (in accordance with current Coronavirus era health department guidelines) to host our event. Unless things change drastically in the coming days, I do not feel a need to make a call on this event until early April. We will plan to announce a decision by Monday, April 6 as to whether or not the event will take place. In the meantime, if you were planning to come to this event (and we hope you are) go ahead and register your group (without deposit). If we decide, at any point, that we need to cancel the event, you and your men will not be out any money on it. We want to have the event if possible, but will always err on the side of safety for our participants. Pray for God’s guidance in our decision-making.


SCHEDULE. We start FRIDAY NIGHT at 8:00 pm with a time of worship featuring music and a message from our guest speaker.  SATURDAY MORNING will include demonstrations throughout the camp on archery, skeet shooting, pistol shooting, tomahawk throw, and more. Saturday Afternoon will provide opportunity for participation and competition in .22 rifles, archery, pistols, skeet, and tomahawk throw. You can also enjoy the zip line, corn hole, and fishing during the afternoon. We conclude after an awards ceremony and supper Saturday evening. (See .pdf of schedule below.)

COST is $80 per person, and includes Friday Night Lodging, three meals on Saturday, and program costs.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. To register, click here. Fill out the information for yourself (if individual or team leader). You will end up on an "Orders Summary" page. You will need to fill in the required information at the top. About halfway down you will see "Payment Method". Activate the dropdown box and choose "Pay by Phone/Mail". Then click "Continue to Next Step" button at the bottom. If you are a group leader, once you have registered yourself, go back in and register the number of particpants you have  under the "Group Memember" box. You can also contact Melanie Crawford at 919-459-5596 to register your group. Our office will contact you as we get closer to the event to confirm the number you will be brining. 

A deposit of $20 per person is needed to hold your space (deposits are waived for this year). To make a deposit using credit card, contact Melanie Crawford at 919-459-5596. You can also mail in a deposit check along with the Men's Outdoor Weekend Registration Sheet, which can be found below. Deposits are refundable up until three weeks before the date of the event (April 10). Within three weeks, deposits are not refundable, but you can switch out participants in case someone cannot come. Balances are due one week prior to the event (April 24). 

NOTE: All firearms will be provided for shooting events. We ask that no one bring their own firearms to camp. You can bring your own archery equipment if you would like to use it. If you plan on fishing, you will need to bring you own equipment and bait. Participants will be housed in cabins (with bathroom and heat/airconditioning) and will need to bring sheets or sleeping bag.  Particiants must be 13 years old and accompanied by their father, grandfather, or other relative.

Bring your men. You will not want to miss this!

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