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At Baptists On Mission our vision is "Every Christian sharing God's love with hurting people through word and deed". There are 19 ministries of Baptists on Mission. We believe that all Christians are called, gifted and sent. Our desire is to help churches involve their members (women, men and students) in missions and ministry in Jesus' name.    

We seek to:

  1. Initiate and Network to discover mission needs.
  2. Educate and Disciple people concerning their own spiritual growth, gifts and abilities.
  3. Motivate and Lead people in meeting those mission needs.

Baptists on Mission is an auxiliary to the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. The Baptist State Convention's Website is

The 19 ministries of BOM are:

Baptists on Mission Statement of Beliefs:

We are a Christian missions organization that is an auxiliary to the Baptist State Convention of NC. The purpose of Baptists on Mission is to help churches involve their members in missions. At times, non-Christians/non-church members may also participate with us in certain ministries and projects or donate to these mission causes. We welcome others to come and see that God gives new life to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. While participating with us, we expect all volunteers (Christian and non-Christians) to not say or act in opposition to our Statement of Beliefs. Click here to see the full Statement of Beliefs for Baptists on Mission.