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Church Programs

Missions Education helps Christians discover how they are created to "fit" into God's mission. Missions Education is a process rather than a program. Missions Education strives to:

  • Help individuals to become aware of God's purpose for their life and the needs around them.
  • Help individuals to make adjustments in their lives to respond to God's invitations.
  • Help individuals to acquire skills to be more effective in their ability to minister and develop an "on-mission" lifestyle

Adult Co-ed

Adult Missions Education encourages individual Christians and churches to be on-mission. Using Missions Education organizations, resources and events to help Christians know what it means to join God on mission and grow to be passionate for worldwide missions causes.

Men's Ministry

The purpose of Men's Ministry is to encourage and  equip churches to effectively reach, minister to, and activate men. 


The goal of college missions is to get college students involved in hands-on missions. Transform122 is a resource to make this happen.

Royal Ambassadors

Royal Ambassadors (RA's) is a missions organization for boys in grades 1-6 that helps them develop a Biblical worldview with an emphasis on missions learning and missions doing.


Student Missions Education is designed to introduce teens to the needs around them - across the street and around the world - and challenges them to accept the responsibility laid out for each believer to actively fulfill his or her role in meeting these needs.

Children Missions Education

Children's Missions Education is designed to help children become followers of Christ by learning compassion for others, how to work with other children and how to make good choices based on what is learned through the Bible and listening to missionaries.