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Welcome to the Homepage for the NCBM's Prayer Ministry. The overall purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to provide prayer support for the Ministries and Projects of NCBM and others. NCBM have teams on the mission field 365 days of the year. Before these teams leave for their destination, as well as during their actual time in the field, we need to provide needed prayer support for them. Via the Web, we give Christians the opportunity to come together and lift up those serving in missions.

NCBM/Baptists on Mission

Ministry Prayer Requests

Ministry Prayer Requests
The Baptist Missions Conference is fastly approaching – 10 more days!   We hope that you are already praying for the Conference speakers, worship leaders, and breakout session leaders.  Please remember also to lift up the NCBM/Baptists on Mission staff and the Hickory Grove Baptist staff as preparations continue.  Our prayer is that God will not be only glorified during the meeting but also that we will leave with “Open Hands” inspired and challenged to honor and glorify Him as we serve as Jesus’ hands and feet to a hurting world!
Devotional Thoughts
Have you ever heard about people cleaning up their act before coming to God? "I've got to get it together." There are things I gotta get right first, then I'll come to God. You know, it's like brushing your teeth before going to the dentist to have them cleaned or washing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. God doesn't expect us to clean up our act before we come to Him. We can't. Jesus' death and resurrection paved that road for us. Jesus spread His arms out and said, “I Love you this much, now just come as you are." Jesus says to just bring all your messes and failures to me.  There are people you know who think God can't love them because their life is a mess. If you know someone who feels like that, invite them to church this Easter. It could make a difference for all Eternity!
Board of Directors, Advisory Council Team Members, Staff:
1st  Robert Mabrey
9th  Joey Hardee
10th  Traci Griggs
10th  Ann Layton
13th Jim Oakley
15th Sybil Bray
15th Larry McMath
18th Ronnie McMahan
22nd Jordan Caddell
23rd Terry Hall
23rd  Laurie Sillings
24th  Paul Hill
24th John Whalley
24th Sara Williams
27th Chris Blanton
27th Ellen Day
28th Beth Rogers
30th Susan Brindle
(Do you have a March birthday and your name is not listed above? It means we do not know the date. Please send the month and day to
NOTE: Tammy Weeks, our NCBM State Prayer Coordinator, would really appreciate a 75-word devotional contribution that you would care to submit to share with the group.  Please send to Tammy Weeks:  She will appreciate your input!  Also, if you have any ministry praises or prayer requests, please send those as well.



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