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Dollie Noa
NC RA Director
800.395.5102, ext. 5598 

RA Event Assistant
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NC Missions Offering


Royal Ambassadors

                       2024 RA RACE

Saturday April 20, 2024
Charity Mission Center
Rose Hill NC 


Royal Ambassadors (RA's) is a missions organization for boys in grades 1-6 that helps them develop a Biblical worldview with an emphasis on missions learning and missions doing. RA's utilizes activities that are designed to help boys learn about missions and get them personally involved in practical missions experiences while having fun. Click here for frequently asked questions about the RA program.

The Purpose of Royal Ambassadors

The Purpose of Royal Ambassadors is to involve boys in missions. Involvement in missions is living one's faith daily: personal experience in witness and ministry, and giving and praying to support persons involved in missions. The Royal Ambassador program helps boys to become aware of the needs of people around the world and to respond to those needs. The organization seeks to lead boys to a personal commitment to Christ and assist them in their Christian growth experience. Through Royal Ambassadors, boys are led to an awareness of their responsibility to Christ and encouraged to become His ambassador. This purpose is outlined in the Royal Ambassador Pledge.

RA Pledge

As a Royal Ambassador I will do my best:

  • To become a well-informed, responsible follower of Christ
  • To have a Christ-like concern for all people
  • To learn how to carry the message of Christ around the world
  • To work with others in sharing Christ
  • To keep myself clean and healthy in mind and body

Royal Ambassadors accomplish the points of the pledge through:

  • Participation in chapter meetings. Each boy is given opportunities to use his talents and abilities in chapter activities. The chapter also provides fellowship with Christian boys which helps them feel their worth as they work or play together.
  • Participation in mission projects. Mission projects provide opportunities for boys to show their Christian concern for other people. Through these projects boys become conscious of their Christian responsibilities to others, especially those in need, by actually doing missions. Please see the statewide missions project listed below.
  • Participation in interest activities. The use of interest activities can provide fun teaching avenues and learning situations, enhancing Christian relationships and the total program. Royal Ambassadors is a well-balanced mission program which helps boys with spiritual, social, mental and physical needs. Royal Ambassadors capitalizes on what boys enjoy doing. In addition to mission education, Royal Ambassadors provides an increased understanding of the true values in life, a respect for other people, an increased desire to help other people, experience in working with others, leads to improvements in personal habits, and provides an outlet for many fun and energetic activities that boys need. See the list of state wide activities below.
For information about the following RA and Childrens events contact:
RA Race Day: James Byerly at
DI Kids (Childrens Missions events): Dollie Noa at

If you would like to schedule an RA training, please contact Philip Heavner at or 828-502-9318
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