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In an effort to make these pages attractive and easy to use, we make moderate use of javascript, style sheets, and transient session variables which are treated by your browser as cookies. If you are having trouble using the site, you may want to check the following before contacting our support team.

STEP 1: What browser are you using?

Our web site pages are designed for compatibility with:

If you not using one of these, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to view and use these pages as intended.

STEP 2: Do you have javascript enabled?

Javascript is a programming language used to process forms and add flexibility to site navigation. Sometimes javascript has been disabled in a web browser.

You will need to have javascript enabled in your browser for these pages to function.

Because you can see this line, you can be sure that Javascript is working.

STEP 3: Do you have cookies enabled?

Session variables are used on our web site to remember who you are after you login or enter information to be updated. This information is stored temporarily in a cookie, that will be deleted after your session ends or when you log out.

Cookies must be enabled for you to sign in and use the registration and volunteer application management tools on this site.

Your Web browser is telling us that you already have cookies enabled.

STEP 4: Adobe Reader

If you will be using the Print Application feature for volunteer applications on this site, you will need the latest version of the free Adobe Reader software, which you can download at Simply install the software (it will walk you through the process) and you'll be ready to view and print your volunteer application.

Other Questions or Problems

If you have followed these steps and you are still having trouble using this site, please contact us.  (If you are having trouble accessing the contact us page, e-mail our office Technical Support. Please provide us with as much detail as possible regarding the problem and your computer, including browser, operating system, etc.)