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Lunch for Habitat for Humanity Workers

Habitat for Humanity (HFH) is a nonprofit Christian housing organization that provides affordable housing for people in need.  HFH operates through volunteer labor in nearly 90 countries. As homeowners and volunteers sweat through hundreds of hours in building houses, a great way to give back is by preparing or providing lunches for them on various build days.


  • Look up local HTH affiliates to determine build sites and build days. Determine the number of lunches you can pack and provide.
  • Recruit volunteers. Organize volunteers into two teams: lunch-makers and delivery. Consider enlisting help from Sunday School groups.
  • Purchase supplies for the bagged lunches or ask for donation from church members/ local businesses. The bagged lunch might include a hearty sandwich, chips, fruit, light dessert, and water or soda.
  • Pack lunches the day before or in the morning of delivery.
  • Plan and optimize routes for delivery if you are providing lunches to different build sites.


  • Do not just drop off the lunches. Chat with the volunteers and homeowners.