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Elderly Projects


Choir Singing at Nursing Home

According to the 2004 National Nursing Home Survey, there are 16,100 nursing homes in the States with 1.7 million beds. The need is even greater today to minister to senior adults who are often forgotten. Singing at nursing homes is one of the many activities you can do to provide joy, peace, and healing to the residents.

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Communion for Shut-ins

The Lord’s Supper celebrates the gift of Christ and the unity of the church. A home communion visit allows those isolated from congregational worship to be part of the gathered congregation in a worshipful experience. This pastoral ministry can be scheduled at any convenient time during the week or as an extension of the Sunday liturgy and can be part of the Visitation Ministry at your church.

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Deliver Bird Feeders to Nursing Home

Nursing homes usually hang bird feeders in outdoor common areas as many residents enjoy watching and feeding the birds. By collecting and delivering bird feeders to nursing homes, you can contribute to the pleasure of residents.

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Senior Adult Ministry

As each of us age, we begin to experience challenges and difficulties we have never encountered before. Loneliness from losing loved ones, prevailing illnesses, and financial uncertainties may grip our daily lives. While we can be rest assured that God would not forsake us with age, we should strive to remember aging adults around us and acknowledge their contributions to society.

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Wheelchair Ramp Construction

We do not usually think twice when we enter and exit our homes, but for those who are wheelchair-bound, it could be a tedious task. A wheelchair ramp ministry allows easier access and increased mobility for those with disabilities.

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Yard Work/Landscaping

Yard work ministry helps reduce the burden for those who are physically unable to accomplish the tasks or facing financial difficulties. You could provide this service throughout the year, as you can mow the lawn in the summer, rake leaves in the autumn, shovel snow in the winter, and clean up old leaves in the spring.

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