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Yard Work/Landscaping

Yard work ministry helps reduce the burden for those who are physically unable to accomplish the tasks or facing financial difficulties. You could provide this service throughout the year, as you can mow the lawn in the summer, rake leaves in the autumn, shovel snow in the winter, and clean up old leaves in the spring.


  • Recruit volunteers. This could be a good project for youth groups.
  • Determine the projects that your team can handle. Will you be focusing on the general upkeep of the yard? Will you provide landscaping services i.e. garden design and building garden structures?
  • Gather resources. Ask around for supply donations, e.g. Lowe’s, Home Depot, Wal-Mart Gardening Center, Ace Hardware, tractor supply companies or local gardening and hardware stores. Here are some basic supplies you may need:
    • Work gloves
    • Scoops, shovels and/or spades
    • Rakes
    • Power trimmer, pruning shears or rolling hand trimmer
    • Pruning hook
    • Water hose
    • Mower
    • Leaf blower
  • Publicize your ministry’s availability at your local caregiver services, Department of Social Services, area Agency on Aging, Elder Homes or similar agencies. Prepare a flyer with details such as: services offered, names of team members, and contact information. Also, ask senior adults in your church if they need help or know anyone in their neighborhood who does.
  • Organize the requests. Survey the sites if necessary so that you can determine what needs to be done and what supplies you will need.
  • Wear comfortable clothing as you work. Wear lightweight, breathable materials in the summer. If you are working in the winter, dress in layers.
  • Clean up the yard. Here are some specific tasks you might perform:
    • Clean up debris e.g. limbs, leaves, and trash.
    • Cut grass, overgrown bushes and shrubs.
    • Reseed grass that has died.
    • Water the yard.
    • Mulch flower beds
    • Plant flowers.
    • Paint touch-ups
  • Start with the large yard waste first.
  • Collect the waste into two piles: a compost pile and a garbage pile, and dispose of them accordingly.
  • Meet with other volunteers periodically to fellowship, share testimonies, evaluate the effectiveness of the ministry, address other needs (e.g. recruit more workers) and make changes as necessary.


  • This project may especially be needed in the autumn to clear and rake leaves.
  • Wear gloves at all times, especially when cleaning up old leaves as there might be spiders.
  • As there could be other projects around the house, this ministry could be collaborated with the Handymen Ministry (see Economic Needs Projects).
  • Be attentive to needs within that home that may require follow up from the pastor or other ministry groups.