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Handyman Ministry

The handyman ministry takes ‘lending a helping hand’ literally. This ministry attends to those who need help with repairs or projects around the house. Services could be extended to senior citizens, widows, persons with physical handicaps, etc. Projects could include: minor painting, light bulb replacement, air filters change, small plumbing or electrical jobs, yard cleanup, handicap ramp installation and gutter cleaning. Where there is a need, no job is too small.


  • Recruit volunteers; they do not necessarily need to consider themselves handymen, as people are also needed to provide transportation, maintain a list of needs and contacts, etc.
  • At the planning stages, ask the following questions:
    • Who are the intended recipients of your services?
    • What types of services can you perform? The type of services you can provide will depend on what kind of skills your team brings.
    • How will you receive and fulfill service requests?
    • What kind of resources will you need e.g. materials, transportation?
    • Will you need to provided training for volunteers?
  • After having a clear idea of the types of services your team can provide, publicize the ministry’s availability. Prepare a flyer with details such as: services offered, names of team members, and contact information.
  • Depending on the audience of this ministry, distribute the flyer at the church bulletin boards or post it at local businesses.
  • The team should meet together periodically for fellowship and updates, share testimonies, evaluate the effectiveness of the ministry, address other needs (e.g. recruit more workers) and make changes as necessary.
  • A great resource for your planning can be found on the Construction Projects page.


  • Two team members should always work together on a project.
  • Volunteers may need to purchase volunteer missionary insurance in case of an accident while working on a project.
  • Engage in conversation with homeowners. Take time to pause from working and get to know the homeowners. Have prayer with them and/or take prayer requests. Be attentive to needs within that home that may require follow up from the pastor or other ministry groups.
  • Be tactful and sensitive: some may be sensitive about having to ask for help.
  • An alternative to the team approach is to have people post their name, phone number, and skill on the church bulletin board. Those needing a job done can call.