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Mission Camps

story.jpgThe Story
Have you ever been to a Mission Camp? Caraway? Caswell? Mundo Vista? Gulfport? Yes, Gulfport. If you were one of the thousands of North Carolinians who worked in Gulfport, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, you have been to a Mission Camp. This kind of camp is very different from spending a week at Caraway, Caswell  or Mundo Vista! What’s the difference? NCBM’s Mission Camps have been modeled after the work done in Gulfport, Mississippi. Located in Red Springs, NC (near Lumberton) this camp serves as the home base for volunteers who are serving homeowners and other organizations in Christ’s name throughout surrounding counties. There is also a Mission camp located in Shelby, NC.

meet.jpgMeet the Missionaries
Larry Osborne would have you think he is nothing more than a “good ole boy” from Caldwell County who dislikes speaking in public. Don’t believe him. Despite a shy demeanor, humble attitude, and distinctive Western North Carolina twang, Larry is an inspiring orator. Folks who have come to know Larry over the years will tell you it’s not so much how he speaks, but what comes out that makes the difference. It doesn't’t take long for listeners to recognize that his message comes straight from the heart. Larry, wife Teresa, and daughter MacKenzie have had quite a missions odyssey over the past decade. 

Additional Hands-On Mission Opportunities


Dental Bus Ministry

Churches and associations across NC sponsor one of two dental buses to provide care to those in need. Click here to see other local/state mission opportunities.


Rocky Mountain

Construction teams are needed each summer to help build a worship or educational facilities for growing congregations. Click here to see other national mission opportunities.



Teams are changing the lives of families in Honduras through the construction of houses for needy families, evangelism, and medical clinics. Click here to see other international mission opportunities.

  Mission Camps Opportunities  
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