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Gas Station Ministry

Imagine pulling up to a gas station after a long day of traveling. You are exhausted and hungry. What if someone smiled at you and offered to pump your gas, clean your windshield, and buy you a snack? A small act of kindness to travelers at gas stations can go a long way.


Decide what kind of specific services you want to provide to patrons, e.g. pump gas, hand out refreshments and wash windows.

  • Go to a local gas station and ask for permission to do your ministry there. Ask the owner what the peak hours are at the station to help you decide on the best time and date for the event.
  • Recruit volunteers at your church.
  • Gather supplies based on the services you will provide. Ask local businesses for snacks or snack voucher donations, or bake homemade goods. You can also collect gift card donations to help pay for gas.
  • On the day of the event, have volunteers dressed in church t-shirts or like-colored shirts. This helps define you as a group, which may help lessen suspicion from patrons.
  • Be ready to share with people about Christ when they ask you why you are serving them. Have church information readily available for those who ask for it.
  • Clean up after the event, and be sure to thank the gas station owner for letting you do your ministry there.


  • Keep in mind that not everyone will be open to your hospitality. Be kind, but not pushy.
  • This is a great ministry for youth groups.