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2024 DATES and TEAM INFO are NOW AVAILABLE Click here to see information on project descriptions, open dates, and how to secure a team for 2024. 

Baptists on Mission, working in cooperation with IICD (International Indigenous Community Development) have been sending teams to Guatemala since 2011 in an effort to reach the Quiche people for Christ at the Good Shepherd Ministry Center in the city of Quetzaltenango, also known as Xela (Shay-lah). We are also blessed to partner with the Baptist Children's Homes of NC in support of the Good Shepherd Children's Home, also in Quetzaltenango. 

VOLUNTEER TEAMS will serve in 2024 through a variety of mission projects.Teams of 8-13 will serve from Saturday to Saturday throughout most of the year. A description of what kind of teams are needed can be found below. Click here to see a current date list. Baptists on Mission will secure airfare, volunteer missionary insurance, and all logistics for the team. Costs will vary somewhat depending on the current cost of airfare and the number of volunteers on the team. See below for additional information about potential costs. While most teams are made up of those from a church or association, it may be possible to place individuals on teams. If you are interested in joining a team, please contact us!

FOR MORE INFORMATION, or to set up a date and project for your team, please contact Mark Abernathy at Baptists on Mission - 919-459-5607 or Once the team leader secures a project date, each team member will register online. A deposit of $300 per person will be due no less than 60 days prior to the date of departure. Balance will be due 30 days prior to departure. 


About the Quiche People of guatemala

Guatemala has 23 different language groups.The Quiche, with a population of 1.2 million, represent the most populous Mayan group within Guatemala. The majority of the Quiche are underemployed and survive off of their scant corn crops. Children under the age of five have the highest chronic malnutrition rates in the western hemisphere. Worldwide, indigenous people such as the Quiche, have the lowest life expectancies because they suffer from high rates of alcoholism, malnutrition, and infectious diseases. The Quiche are a very spiritual people with ancient traditions. They are noted for mixing Mayan with Catholic practices.  Although many would call themselves Christian, they follow the ancient Mayan beliefs and pagan practices, forming a contradictory and confused religious system.  Even though many Quiché have heard about Jesus, they do not understand who He is, nor what salvation means. The Quiché must hear the Bible in their heart language in order to understand it. The ultimate goal is to produce strong disciples of Jesus Christ who will plant healthy churches. The focus is all ages. But the future is in the younger generation.

Team Descriptions for 2024:

Note: All teams will have opportunity to visit the Good Shepherd Children's Home - and to host a "family night" for the two cottages of children who are living onsite at the Good Shepherd Ministry complex.This will include preparing a mal for the children and house parents, and other forms of entertainment that the team leads in that night.

Construction Teams

Multiple teams are needed to assist in the continuation of construction on a director’s house located on the site of the Good Shepherd Center. Teams will have supervision and work with Guatemalans on-site. A variety of construction skills are needed. Includes $3000 ministry cost per team. 

Note: We will need some teams to make adobe blocks! Never made adobe blocks? No problem! Any team can do it! Making these blocks is vital to the success of the rest of the year’s construction. We will also need some skilled carpentry teams.

Maintenance Teams for Children's Home

One or two teams are needed throughout 2024 to assist with various “home improvement” projects in and around the Good Shepherd Children’s Home facility. This could include painting, landscaping, roof sealing, plumbing, gardening, etc. Teams will need to be flexible as to tasks. The team will lodge and prepare their meals at the Good Shepherd Center. Includes $3000 ministry cost per team.

Medical / Dental Teams

Two to three teams are needed to serve in mobile clinics in strategic villages. Teams should be built around 2-3 primary care providers (MDs, DOs, NPs, or PAs) who will see patients.  Other team members serve as support personnel, and should be mostly comprised of medical professionals. Medication dispensary should be manned by a health care practitioner (pharmacist preferred, but RNs also work well in this capacity).  Teams will need to bring in the medications they will use, counting on seeing at least 30 patients per person; per day. Organization of the clinic is conducted by Dr. Vicki Grossmann (DNP) and Guatemalan leaders.  Most teams will stay at the Good Shepherd Center, and prepare meals there, using food that they have purchased once in-town.  Includes $2000 ministry cost per team.

Children’s Home Staff-Relief Team

One team of 10-12 is needed to run the Good Shepherd Children’s Home for four days and nights while the regular Children’s Home staff are attending a retreat at the Good Shepherd Center. This will entail care for 20-25 children, who range in age from infant to early teens. This will include cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, taking care of infants, toddlers, and school-aged children.. The team will stay at the Good Shepherd Children’s Home for most of the week. Monday will be an orientation day. Need those with patient, loving hearts who will be pro-active in caring for the children. The team should have at least one Spanish speaker and one nurse. Includes a $2000 ministry cost per team.

Leadership Conference Teams

Two youth leadership and two pastor’s conference teams are needed in 2024. These are small teams – 3-6 total, depending on conference. Each of these events will require a dynamic speaker, worship leader, and 2-3 to help with meal preparation for the participants and team. The program for these events will be planned by missionaries Roger and Vicki Grossmann, who will work with the speaker in preparation. At least one Spanish speaker on the team would be helpful, but not necessarily essential. The partnering church will be asked to contribute $2000 -$2500 toward the operation of the conferences, depending on number of participants.

Children’s Home Assistants

 Couples are needed to serve as assistants at the Good Shepherd Children’s Home. Length of service will be from one to three months. Volunteers will assist the Children's Home staff in whatever tasks are needed. This may include cleaning, maintenance, painting, cooking, washing clothes, landscaping, or any other number of tasks. Need those who are self-starters and who can live and work in a non-English speaking environment. Volunteers will live in a small efficiency apartment on the property. Volunteers will purchase their own food and prepare most meals in the apartment. Missionaries will orient the couple in how to utilize local transportation. 


Logistics: Baptists on Mission will arrange airfare, background checks, and insurance for all teams. Lodging, in-country transportation, and ministry-related needs will be arranged by field personnel. Most teams stay at the Good Sheperd Center in Xela. 

Team Makeup: Ideal team size is 8-13 members, 13 being the upper limit due to lodging and vehicle limits. Participants must be 18 years old to participate. Those 15 and up may participate as long as accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Total cost will be dependent on: 1) number of members on the team, and 2) the current cost of airfare. Each person will need a valid passport. Be aware that passports must have at least six months remaining from time of departure. Make sure you check yours! Hepitiatus A and Tetanus immunizations are recommended. 

Airfare Costs   Airfare costs will vary from team to team and generally fall between $700 and $900 - but could be more or less - depending upon time of year and availability. Baptists on Mission will secure tickets based on times that we need teams to arrive/depart – always looking for the least expensive option available. (Understand that we have back to back teams throughout much of the year, and need to carefully coordinate when teams arrive and depart.) The team leader will be informed as to which day tickets will be ordered. Once ordered, team leader will be sent an email detailing flight itineary and total trip costs, and will have until the next day to confirm or make any changes. 

Field Costs:    2024 Per Person Field Costs Include: Lodging - $30 per night; Insurance (mandatory) - $4.00 per day; Background Check (required) - $10; Van/Driver Cost will be $1400 for teams of 8 and up, divided by number on team. Van/Driver Cost for teams under 8 will be $175 per team member. These costs are sent to the BOM office prior to your trip. Meals - Each will carry $200 with them in crisp, new bills to be converted once on the field. (You may or may not spend the full $200 per person on food while in country.)

Ministry Costs:    Construction and maintenance teams will have a ministry cost of $3000 per team, either paid by the church or divided by volunteers and added to per person cost. Other teams will have a ministry cost of $2000-2500. These ministry costs go toward direct ministry expenses that the team will incur while in country, as well as on-going ministry support such as Guatemalan worker salaries (not missionary support), utilities, ministry development, etc.

For More Information

For more information about your team serving in Guatemala, please contact:

Mark Abernathy
Baptists on Mission (BOM)

[P] 919-459-5607

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