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Assemble Hygiene Kits

Hygiene kits are a perfect way to bless a group of people at a local organization or in a distant land. Local organizations like homeless shelters, hospices, battered women’s shelters, nursing homes, local colleges/universities or rescue missions are great places to touch many lives with a small gift of a hygiene kit. Additionally, hygiene kits can be given to disaster relief efforts or mailed in bulk overseas.


  1. Find and decide on an organization for which to prepare hygiene kits.
  2. Collect donations of items. List of ideas:
Toothbrush Small Mirror Tissues
Toothpaste Deodorant Hand Sanitizer
Mouthwash Razor Band-aids
Dental Floss Shaving Cream Nail File
Shampoo Chap Stick Nail Clippers
Conditioner Lotion Hairbrush
Soap Face Wash Comb
  1. Attain heavy duty gallon size zip-lock bags or decorative tote bags.
  2. Put bags together in an assembly line.  Include a small Bible, a Gospel tract or a hand-written note of encouragement.
  3. Deliver to the agency, offering to distribute them to the clients or patients.  Share the story of the greatest gift from Jesus Christ through personal contact.  OR Box and mail the hygiene kits to an organization that can deliver them to people in need overseas.


  • Decorate or personalize bags for added personal touch.
  • For larger gifts put items in “shower caddies,” laundry baskets, plastic shoe boxes or tote bags and include items like flip flops, towel, hand towel, washcloth or shower sponge.