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Money Management

Money management skills go a long way, whether to cope better with current financial strife, or to prepare for rainy days. Financial planning or money coaching seminars can help families manage their finances and enjoy a debt-free life.


  • During the planning process, ask the following questions:
    • Who are the intended audience of the seminar/studies? Singles? Married couples? Newly unemployed?
    • What specific topics would you like to address?
    • How often will you hold the events? For example, small group studies can last 10 weeks, or you could organize a one-day seminar.
  • Gather your resources. Consider using Crown Financial Ministries as a resource. Crown is a financial management organization that serves churches around the world. This resource provides money management services like financial coaching, debt management plans, and materials on different areas of finances for small groups and individual Bible studies.
  • If you choose to use your own resources, ask these questions: Is there someone experienced in financial management in your church who could speak or lead a seminar? What other kind of resources will you need e.g. handouts, venue?


  • Crown Financial Ministries is the main financial management partner organization of the Southern Baptist Convention. Churches affiliated with the convention and small churches can get reduced rates on Crown’s materials.