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Smoke Alarm Check

Many times having a simple, functioning smoke alarm is the first step in preventing a catastrophe. Ensuring that everyone in your community has one of these potentially life-saving devices goes a long way to show your love.


  1. Develop a strategy for reaching your community through this service project.  Target low-income homes.  Estimate how many homes you will visit and therefore how many smoke alarms, batteries (typically 9V) and volunteers you will need.  
  2. Enlist volunteers and create teams, ideally three people including both male and female.
  3. Check local fire department or municipal government office to see if they provide smoke alarms.  
  4. Purchase any more items you may need.  Necessary supplies and tools include:
Batteries (typically 9V) Ladders (small and large)
Smoke Alarms Screwdrivers, etc.
  1. Go door-to-door introducing yourself.  Ask the homeowners if they have a smoke alarm.  If yes, ask if you can check the battery.  If no, ask if they would like one and offer installation assistance.  
  2. Ensure that the homeowner knows how to maintain his/her smoke alarm.
  3. Use the opportunity to build relationships, share Christ and pray for the home.