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Free Car Care

Reliable transportation is absolutely essential these days. Those without a functioning vehicle or the means to repair their vehicles may find it difficult to just get to the grocery store to pick up some milk. You can help others in need by providing assistance with repair, maintenance, and acquisition of vehicles for travel.


  1. Based on the abilities represented by your volunteers and the resources available to you, decide what types of services you will offer (oil change, fluid refill, air pressure check, air filter change, tire rotation, etc.)
  2. Other important questions to ask are:
    • Who will receive help?
    •  How will they hear about your ministry?
    • Where will you perform the work? (consider a repair garage available)
    • When will the ministry be open? (Weekly? Monthly?)
    •  How will cover expenses?
  3. Constantly evaluate your Car Care Ministry and make improvements.


  • Consider receiving donated vehicles and giving them away to those in need.
  • Provide snacks, a waiting area and an opportunity to hear the gospel for those who have cars being serviced.