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Baby Shower for Unwed Mother

Nearly 4 out of every 10 births are to unwed mothers, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Whether a young teenager, college student, or working woman finds herself pregnant outside of marriage it can be scary, challenging and life-changing. Use the opportunity for blessing and loving her. Partner with the local pregnancy care center to find young women in need.


  1. Identify unwed pregnant women in the church or community.  Call the local pregnancy care center for referrals.
  2. Contact the unwed mothers and ask if you can throw a shower. Set up a day, time and place.
  3. Advertise the shower to the mother’s family and friends who may be interested in coming.  
  4. Purchase decorations and refreshments. Ask others in your church to help bring refreshments (punch, cake, light meal).
  5. Consider playing a few fun games. You can find some ideas online, see link below.
  6. Ask the pregnancy resource center for a list of specific gift ideas. Then ask women or families at your church to purchase or donate these items. You could also raise money from your church, then go shopping.
  7. Have a team of women arrive early and decorate for the event. Play music to set the mood. Enjoy the party!


  • Consider hosting the shower in a community building instead of at the church.
  • Establish an ongoing ministry through the women’s missions or ministry of the church.
  • Host baby shower drives regularly so that the church members can give toward the cause.
  • Encourage church members to attend showers to share love with the mother.
  • Offer the mother a ride to and from the event.
  • Hold a prayer time for the new mother when appropriate.