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The purpose of the Agricultural Ministry is to help Christians share the love of Jesus by becoming involved in missions that address poverty and hunger wherever they exist.

Hands-On Field Days

Each spring, hands-on field days are held at the Baptists on Mission mission camps (Red Springs and Shelby) on a rotating basis. These field days feature demonstrations on farming and livestock techniques, as well as a speaker and children's progam.


Agricultural Hands-On Field Day
June 10, 2023 @ Shelby Missions Camp

Do you have a passion for gardening - or would like to learn more about it? Have you or your church been praying about starting a church or community garden? Baptist on Mission's Agricultural Mission Team and Shelby Missions Camp invite you to an
Open House and Hands-On Agricultural Field Day on June 10, 2023 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Please dress appropriately for being outdoors and in the sun. Glove are recommended if you want to participate in the hands-on activities (and we hope you will!)

Planned activities include:  - Gardening Basics    - Soil Sampling    - Drip Irrigation    - Composting    - Raised Beds    - Bee Keeping

Cost is $15 per person and includes lunch. Registration is required by Monday, June 5 in order to ensure accurate meal count. 
You can register online by clicking the "Details/Register" button at the bottom of this page - or you can call Melanie Crawford at 919-459-5596 to register and pay over the phone. 

This is an event for anyone who loves gardening and agriculture - or who simply want to learn more, including how agriculture might be used as a ministry and outreach. We hope to see you there!

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Community Gardens

Our Agricultural Missions Team works with churches to encourage the establishment of "community gardens" that can be used to develop relationships with those living around the church. This gives people an opportunity to work in the garden and to share the harvest of fresh vegetables in the name of Christ.

How to Start a Garden in Your Home or Church » 

Short Term Mission Trips

The Agricultural Missions Team encourages individuals who have an interest in agriculture to participate in short-term mission trips to help missionaries and national leaders with water and food production projects while sharing their faith. Past trips have included those to Honduras, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and more. Check below for opportunities to serve on a short-term ag mission trip.

  Agriculture Opportunities  
Agricultural Field Day - Shelby Mission Camp

6/10/2023 10:00:00 AM

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