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The Aviation Ministry welcomes you to our website. We have a lot to offer for a variety of interests involving aviation and missions.

The Aviation Ministry ministers in the following areas:

  • Charitable medical air transportation -  Arrange Transportation
  • Ground Angels
  • Disaster Relief support
  • Fly-Ins/Young Eagles flights for children and youth
  • Speakers for your Association, Church, or Mission group

To find out more, please email us or call 1-800-395-5102 ext. 5613

Help our Angels Fly

One of the unique aspects of the Baptists on Mission Aviation Ministry is that we provide a fuel fund to assist pilots in making flights. The fund is open to donations from individuals, churches, and any other group. If any of our pilots have speaking engagements on behalf of the ministry, please mention the fuel fund.

Donations may be sent to:
Baptists on Mission, PO Box 1107 Cary, NC 27512

Please write on your check that it is for the Aviation Ministry Fuel Fund. Thank you for your service and support.

VPO Pilot Liability Protection Bill Introduced

A proposed law will also make volunteers who fly cancer patients to treatments and sick children to medical appointments fit the legal meaning of the term Good Samaritans.

For the full story, check out AvWeb's Newsletter

Charitable Medical Air Transportation

Obtaining air transportation for medical needs.
Baptists on Mission's Aviation Ministry member pilots provide air transportation free of charge to qualifed patients. We do not schedule flights ourselves, but go through Angel Flight of Mid Atlantic. 

To begin the process
Inside North Carolina, call Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic at 1-800-296-3797. 

Outside of North Carolina, visit the website of the National Patient Travel Hotline or call them at 1-800-296-1217. They will guide you through the qualification process and determine which Volunteer Pilot Organization would be best suited for your travel.

Ground Angels

Ground Angels are responsible for meeting the inbound Angel Flight and driving passengers to treating facility, hotel and/or doctor office. They will also pick patients up when their appointment is complete and deliver them back to airport for outbound Angel Flight. Ideally, Ground Angels “host” the patient to make sure their needs are met while they are in their care. This is a great way to meet people’s needs in Jesus’ name. To be a "Ground Angel" or for more information contact Kecia Morgan at


Aviation Ministry Leadership

  • Warren Brown, Denton, NC (336) 241-3006
  • Bob Oglesby, Kernsville, NC (336) 996-6879
  • Eric Perdew, Greensboro, NC (336) 643-2518
  • Phil Plemmons, Candler, NC (828) 275-9506
  • Bob Joyner, Mooresville, NC (704) 517-9973
  • Ken Millsaps, Troutman, NC (828) 635-1559
  • State Coordinator - Dale Fuller, Mint Hill, NC (704) 236-6598

Donations for Aviation Minitry

Baptists on Mission, PO Box 1107, Cary, NC 27512

Please write on your check that it is for the Aviation Ministry Fuel Fund. Thank you for your service and support.

  Aviation Opportunities  
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