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Church Renewal

Today, lay people are rediscovering their first love through Church Renewal Journey (CRJ), a Bible-based approach to motivate laity to return to a passionate walk with God, and then join Him on mission. Through three distinct avenues, men and women are finding the value of spending time with others for a weekend to explore what God is doing and to discover how they can once again have joy in their lives.

Awakening Weekend

This Weekend is an opportunity to re-awaken the church to its purpose and passion. It takes believers, wherever they are in their spiritual journey, and refreshes them with a godly perspective of their role in service to others. This is an inward journey that renews and restores the love of Christ to those who have drifted away from their commitment.

Equipping Weekend

This Weekend equips the church by sharing how God has shaped each believer for ministry. Using the acrostic, SHAPE, this weekend teaches about Spiritual gifts, what God is continually saying to our Heart, and how our Abilities, Personality, and Experiences have uniquely prepared us for specific ministries. It is here that many lay people understand for the first time that they are just as called to ministry as their pastor.

Commissioning Weekend

This weekend is an application of the Awakening and Equipping steps and a continuation of the Journey.  It is about becoming aware of the work God is doing in the world.  This weekend shows how we can be on mission whether we are at work, school, retired or a stay-at-home mom.  Those who commit to God's calling are commissioned by their pastor and church body and sent back into their marketplace, school or wherever God has placed them. 

Empowering Weekend

This is a time for the church to come apart from the world and spend time together in God's presence.  Participants will be encouraged and trained in Biblical prayer that focuses on Kingdom priorities.

Sending Weekend

This weekend is a time where the church is encouraged to take the bold steps of being on mission to their neighbors and to the nations.  The church will be encouraged to develop a strategy to penetrate lostness in their Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.  

How Does Church Renewal Work?

The weekend coordinator and the entire team come to your church at their own expense. Meals are provided and the team is housed in homes of church members.
Each team is determined by the size of the church. For example, a church with a Sunday School attendance of 80 would need a team of approximately 15. Many team members are married couples so only seven or eight host homes would be needed.

The CRJ is a churchwide renewal for all ages—children, youth, and adults.

Most weekend events begin at 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Small group sessions are conducted through the evening. Saturday is completely dedicated to the renewal process with small group and general sessions.

Sunday concludes the weekend with team members leading in Sunday School classes and leading in the worship services. The team departs after lunch. The highlight of the process is the Sunday evening worship service where church members freely share and evaluate/celebrate what the weekend meant to them—and how they will take what they learned into their homes and personal marketplaces.

Check the Church Renewal website below for dates and locations of the numerous upcoming Renewal Weekend events, to download Renewal Weekend application forms, Team Member application forms, Schedule of Weekends, Weekend Preparation Manuals, and other information.

For more information, contact Bob Foy at 980-722-4777, or email

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